May Miles & June Goals

I can’t believe how quickly May went. I guess that is what happens when every single weekend is filled with running and races and dirt bikes and weddings.  June will basically be a repeat of May, minus the racing plus a trip to California.

See also: July and August.

My entire summer is already basically filled.

It has felt really good to have running back as part of my daily routine. I have had a handful of days where I just want to be lazy, but for the most part I have been excited about getting out and running. I ran a total of 117 miles in May, taking my weekly mileage from the upper 20s to the mid 30s. My long runs have stretched from 8 miles to 11 miles. I have not been running any workouts or tempos, but I have run a TON of hills which I consider speed-work in disguise. I ran one race, a 5k in 20:42.

For June I’d like to see my weekly mileage continue to grow, hopefully ending the month with 40+ mile weeks. I will continue to run as many hills as I can find and will probably add in some weekly strides at some point. I am hoping to stay injury free by starting each run with a dynamic warm up consisting of lunges and leg swings. I’m also trying to complete a core workout several times a week.

I’m eager to get back into higher mileage training, but I know that I need to be patient and give myself time to build up to that volume. Sometimes I worry that I am not doing enough, but then I remind myself that I still have 7 months until my marathon. I still have plenty of time to safely increase my training and build strength.