…get set…

Before jumping right into a race report for Hawaii, I thought it might be helpful to outline a bit of my running history.  I did not run track in high school or college.  I used to firmly believe that running was something that one should only attempt if being chased.  Now I can’t stand going more than a day or two without going for a run.

My transition into a runner (a title I still feel weird using) started with running a 5k every summer with my best friend.  Each spring I would start training, build up to three miles, run the race, and then call it quits until the following spring.  In 2011, tired of restarting year after year, I decided to start building a running base that would keep me going beyond one 5k per year.  I spent the next two years building up from 3 mile runs to running my first half marathon in 2013.


The shoes that started it all.

Sometime in 2012 I managed to apply enough peer pressure on Mr. Shoe to get him running too.  In 2013 he ran his first 5k and agreed to a honeymoon race later that year.  Mr. Shoe tends to have a hot and cold relationship with running, either he loves it or he hates it.  I think I’ve finally convinced him to try a longer distance this year.

Up next: Hawaii race report!


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