Austin Day 1

In mid-March I traveled to Austin, Texas for a conference.  Mr. Shoe wasn’t able to join me, so I didn’t run in any races and Texas remains on our to-do list.  While I was there I was able to fit in a couple of runs on my own.  Mr. Shoe reported that it rained most of the time I was gone, so he didn’t get much running done while I was gone.  

It was so amazing to run in the sunshine and it served as a nice reminder that not all runs are cold and miserable.  The never ending winter has been beginning to make running feel like a chore and I do not like feeling that way about running.  My two Austin runs were very laid back runs.  No worrying about pace or distance, just enjoying the moment and seeing the sights.  It was perfect. 

I snapped a few pictures while running around the city.  Unfortunately I haven’t quite mastered photography while running, so the pictures aren’t perfect.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy them anyway! 

This fire station is where the founder of the Engine 2 diet used to work.  I don’t follow this diet, but I am a vegetarian and I do enjoy some of their packaged foods, which have this building pictured on the packaging!
Fountain and clock tower on the campus of University of Texas at Austin.  This is what kept me from getting lost while running as I could see this tower from my hotel window.  So as long as I could make my way back to the tower, I could make my way back to the hotel.
Apparently Austin is part of hill country and was full of hills and stairs.  So I guess I got a bit of speed work in on my otherwise easy runs.
View from campus looking toward the capital building.  My second run went through the capital area, so more pictures of it are on the way!
Selfie at the gym with green shorts in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.  Later I celebrated with a green Fireman’s #4 beer.

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