One week til race season!

My first race of the season is just one week away, the Glass City Half Marathon in Toledo, Ohio.  When I signed up for the race, I had really high expectations for it.  I was going to train hard all winter and come into spring ready to set some new records.  It was a really good plan, until the record breaking snowfall and the subzero temperatures hit Michigan.

I was forced to modify my training plan so many times this winter.  First in January when I was sick.  Again in February when I hurt myself running on the treadmill.  Then again in February when I realized I couldn’t run on the treadmill and I couldn’t run on ice.  Finally in March I scaled back to the same training plan I used for last September’s half.  So much for my plans of training harder and longer this time around.

I’ve pretty much come to grips with the fact that my chances of setting a new PR next Sunday are basically nonexistent.  And that is okay! I should still have a decent race.  My plan is to stick with the 1:50 pace team.  If the stars align and the race is going perfectly, I’ll try to pick the pace up a bit for the last 3-5 miles. If not, I’ll just aim to cross the line with the pacers.  Either way, I just hope to enjoy the race.

On the other hand, I am feeling exceptionally good about my chances of setting a new 5k PR on May 10th.  I ran a time trial on Saturday and beat my current PR.  Right now I’m counting this as an unofficial PR of 22:48 (official PR of 22:59, so just a touch faster).

What races do you have lined up this year?  Any PRs you are trying to break?


2 thoughts on “One week til race season!

  1. Good luck Sunday! I'm racing on Sunday too. I'd love to break my 5k PR of 26:02, but I'm slower this year than I was last year when I set that PR, so I don't see that happening. I do plan on PR-ing my half marathon time in October though. That shouldn't be too hard for me.


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