April Gear List

Look at all the pretty running presents I bought myself this month!

The new gear that I was most excited to buy this month was a pair of New Balance Minimus Zero v2 running shoes.  I’ve been running in Vibram Five Fingers since I started running three years ago.  I still love my VFFs, but for the past year I have been having some problems with them.  They started blistering the inside of my arch, so I had to start wearing socks with them.  Then the socks started slipping off my heels this winter, which was so uncomfortable while running. My shoe requirements were that they be zero drop road shoes that weren’t too heavy.  These Minimus Zeros seem to fit the bill perfectly.

With new shoes in hand, I decided I needed a couple new pairs of socks as well.  Especially since this was the first time I would be able to any running socks I wanted instead of just the toe socks!  I’ve worn the New Balance No Show Minimus socks on 2 long runs and the Lululemon no show run socks on a couple of shorter runs.  I haven’t had any problems with either pair and will likely be purchasing more soon.

Strawberry Lemonade Nuun was a new product that I decided to try this month. I had heard about Nuun from an athletic friend and was intrigued by the low calories and lack of sugar.  In the past I have relied on Gatorade for electrolyte replacement, but I felt like I didn’t need the extra sugar.  After a hard run, I can just pop one of the tablets into a bottle of water and two minutes it is ready to go.  These are great after a run, but I tried one once just because and the taste was pretty bad.  So they are great for a post run beverage when I’d drink just about anything, but not so great at other times.  I’d like to try some other flavors and see how they fair.

Finally I decided to treat myself to a long sleeve Chi top from Athleta.  This is my first purchase from Athleta. I was looking for a long sleeve shirt that wasn’t cold weather specific like everything else in my running closet.  It also has thumb holes which are a must!  The fabric is so amazingly soft.  I just bought it on Monday, so it has only done one run so far.  I wore it on a four mile run in weather that was about 56 degrees and super windy.  It was perfect! I wasn’t too cold at the start of my run and I didn’t get too hot before it was over.  The last quarter mile or so I pushed the sleeves up to cool off a bit, but that was it.

I will want to give it a few more wears before I run out and buy a bunch more from Athleta (even though they have an awesome return policy).  I tried on the Chi tank top while I was shopping and I can’t wait to pick up a few of them too.  So soft and comfy.  The tank tops also come in an extra long version which fit nicely since I am all torso.  I wish the long sleeve came in extra long as well, but I was glad to find that the regular length worked just fine on my run.

Did anyone else treat themselves to some new gear lately? Are there any new products that I should be trying?


4 thoughts on “April Gear List

  1. The Nuun tablets are pretty tasty. I currently use another brand that I can't remember, but they are just like the Nuun ones.

    Those are super cute shoes. I never would have guessed that they were zero drop.

    I don't know if you use gels, like Gu, but I recently found a really nice brand called Hammer Gel. (I can only buy them at REI locally.) They are pretty tasty and made from natural ingredients. They aren't loaded with sugar, so you get a longer lasting fuel source. I've had better luck with the fruity flavors.


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