S2S Prerace

I am getting very excited for my upcoming race this weekend! Mr. Shoe and I ran this race last year and had a great time.  It was Mr. Shoe’s first race ever! This year it will be his cousin’s first race ever, which I find extra exciting since I want everyone to love running as much as I do! We will also be joined by one more friend and the original Mr. and Mrs. Shoe (Mr. Shoe’s parents!).

The race starts at Shanty Creek ski resort and runs down to Short’s Brewing Co., hence the name, Shanty to Shorts.  Oh and I literally mean you run down to the brewery.  The first 1.8 miles is all downhill before the course levels out for the last 1.3 miles.

Last year this downhill let me set an amazing PR. I was hoping to finish under 25 minutes.  Instead I took 28:51 all the way down to 22:59. Most of this PR was due to the fact that I had greatly increased my training and mileage.  However, throughout last year’s races, I was never able to come close to the 23 minute mark again.  The mid-24s was about the closest that I got.  So that extra minute and a half that I shaved off my time I completely credit to the downhill.

The other thing that I love about this course is the finish.  It finishes at an amazing brewery.  The awards ceremony is held in the brewery and your race bib will save you a dollar on your first beer, and the beer is excellent.  I am looking forward to this part of the day almost as much as the race!

Does anyone else like to celebrate with a post race beer? I will also be taking recommendations for out of state races that end at breweries.  You know, for the 50 states running list…definitely not for my side project The Shoes Drink 50. 


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