5k Playlist

Hello, Mr. Shoe here.

All of our posts up to this point have been from Mrs. Shoe. I have wanted to start posting as well, but I just didn’t know how to get started. I figured this was a good place to start.

My Shanty 2 Shorts 2014 race playlist:

1. Don’t Stay, Linkin Park
2. Skeptics And True Believers, The Academy Is…
3. Alone Together, Fall Out Boy
4. Caribou Lou, Tech N9ne
5. Beast Within, In This Moment
6. Taking Over Me, Evanescence
7. Make The Money, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Total Time: 25:36
All of these songs are 180 bpm, a great pace for barefoot/minimalist running.

I don’t run with a watch, so I knew if I wanted the sub-25 goal I was chasing, I needed to finish before my last song ended. And, as you know from Mrs. Shoe’s race report, I achieved that goal and more.

Song #5 (Beast Within) was supposed to start when I reached the 1.8 mile point, an uphill section on the course, but I actually reached the 2 mile point before this song started to play. This was my first indication that I was on track to not only reach my goal, but also smash my PR.

I really enjoy running to ‘In This Moment’, Maria Brink (lead singer) really cuts loose on a lot of their songs. I really like her raw, emotional sound. I was looking foward to tapping into that power for the uphill, but realizing I was two tenths of a mile ahead of my goal pace ended up being enough of a push to get me up the hill.

What’s your go-to song? What song pushes you to do one more mile, attack a hill, or drive to the finish line?


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