Marathon Week 1

My first week of marathon training is done, just 17 weeks to go. I sort of have mixed feelings about this first week of training. On the one hand I have been able to finish every run without any serious injury-related pain. On the other hand all of my runs have felt slow and difficult. … More Marathon Week 1

Injury Update 2

My first run post bone lesion went really well. I was pain free for the entire run. After the race, I thought I might have felt a tiny bit of discomfort in my foot/ankle, but it was very minimal. If it even existed. Every time I thought “Was that pain? Did I start running too … More Injury Update 2

Favorite 5k

This Saturday Mr. Shoe and I will be running one of my favorite 5ks. The race has undergone a couple of name changes. It started as Run Against Drugs but is now known as Run 2 Save Our Youth. This will be the 6th year that I participate in this race. This is the race … More Favorite 5k

Injury Update

I had my MRI on Wednesday and the nurse called me with the results on Thursday. Good news first: no stress fracture! Hooray! The bad news: I’m not allowed to start running yet. The MRI showed a benign bone lesion and some swelling in my foot/ankle. The swelling is not noticeable to me, but I … More Injury Update


Remember how surprised I was a few weeks ago when I found out that I was the female overall winner at Shanty 2 Short’s? Well, I was equally surprised when I found out that it was mentioned in the newspaper the following week! Straight from the front page of the sports section of The Antrim … More Newsworthy!