Injury Update 2

My first run post bone lesion went really well. I was pain free for the entire run. After the race, I thought I might have felt a tiny bit of discomfort in my foot/ankle, but it was very minimal. If it even existed. Every time I thought “Was that pain? Did I start running too soon?” and tried to track down the pain, I couldn’t find it. I think I was just being hyper aware of my foot.

While my run did not aggravate my injury, the rest of me did not fare so well. During the run I could tell that my lungs were working hard during the second half of the race. The day after the run my calves felt knotted and my hamstrings felt tight. The pain persisted through Monday’s run. Tonight’s run was a bit better but there was still some lingering tightness in my right hamstring.

I am aiming for a 13 mile week, which is slightly more than half of my pre-injury mileage (20-25 mpw). I think dropping to about 50% sounds reasonable after 3 weeks off. Based on the soreness I felt after the race, I’ve decided to start with alternating running and walking as needed for the first week. Hopefully week 2 will be solid running.

Assuming this first week goes as planned, I am hoping to add 3 miles a week for the next four weeks, followed by one cut back week. From that point forward I plan to return to my original marathon training schedule of two weeks of increasing 10% followed by a cut back week. Of course this is just a tentative plan. If I notice any pain in my foot, I will be changing my plan immediately.


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