Marathon Week 1

My first week of marathon training is done, just 17 weeks to go. I sort of have mixed feelings about this first week of training. On the one hand I have been able to finish every run without any serious injury-related pain. On the other hand all of my runs have felt slow and difficult. This definitely isn’t where I thought I would be during my first week of marathon training.

Today’s run was particularly worrisome. Less than a half mile into the run I started feeling some mild pain in my foot. I stopped to adjust my shoe and decided that if the pain was still there after a half mile, I need to cut this run short. At a half mile the pain was still there. I turned around while Mr. Shoe continued his run. I fought back tears of frustration while I ran back towards the car. But I am so glad that I kept running because the pain was completely gone before I reached the car. Must have just been weird phantom pain. I was able to get in the rest of my 4 mile run without any more pain. 

Monday: 2.56 mile run [very slow, lots of walking breaks, my legs were killing me]
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 3.1 mile run [just two walking breaks, legs were sore, but not awful]
Thursday: rest
Friday: 3.5 mile run [ran the whole time]
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 4.08 mile run [phantom pain in the first mile, felt a bit less difficult than the earlier runs this week]

Total miles: 13.24

It is so frustrating to see that number be so low. I was expecting my first week of marathon training to have 26 miles. My Sunday run was supposed to be 10 miles, not 4! I can’t even call 4 miles a long run! I know if I would have tried to jump right back into training I would likely end up injured. So I know taking it slow is the smart way to proceed. I just hope my 3 weeks off won’t set me up for a miserable marathon.

Mr. Shoe basically had the same week of training that I did. Except he didn’t take any walk breaks and all of his runs were much faster than mine. This was his first week of training for his first half marathon.


2 thoughts on “Marathon Week 1

  1. Don't be frustrated! You have a great base and you'll be back to chewing through those miles before you know it. Your health is important and the last thing you want is to reinjury yourself and have to take more time off. You'll get there and you'll be amazing!


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