Dart for Art

I just made a bit of a last minute addition to my race calendar: The Ann Arbor Mile – Dart for Art! It is a one mile race (obviously!) that takes place the week of the art fair. I have a degree in history of art, so as soon as I saw this event I knew I had to participate. An event that combines two of my favorite things is just plain amazing!

DartForArt Race Logo- Color

Two reasons I am excited about this race:

1. I have never raced anything shorter than a 5k. So this will be a completely new experience. I’m not quite sure what to expect.

2. Freebies: t-shirt (please have the above logo on the shirts!), finisher’s medal, and (really good) free beer for 21+ participants.

Two reasons I am not excited about this race:

1. The week of art fair is a disaster. All of the roads downtown are closed. Traffic on the roads that are still open is insane. The buses are always behind schedule due to detours.

2. The race is at 6:00 PM in mid-July. It is going to be HOT!


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