Mr. Shoe Update

I know I still need to recap Marathon Week 13 and write up a recap of Growler Gallup, but today is really not about me and my running. Today is Mr. Shoe’s birthday! So let’s talk about his running instead!

Even though it took me ages to convince Mr. Shoe to start running, he seems to be catching up with me pretty quickly. It is actually kind of frustrating. When he ran his first 5k he finished in 28:19. I finished FIVE minutes faster than him. Within just one year, he has managed to close that gap to just one minute.

10 miles done!

He kicked off his birthday week (I’m a firm believer that birthdays deserve a full week of celebrating) by running his first 10 mile race. This was his longest race yet and an automatic PR (1:28:17). He’ll be finishing up his birthday week with his first half marathon (and another PR). Pretty much a perfect week in my mind.

His training has been going really well. He has been following a slightly modified version of Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 plan. He extended the plan slightly to allow him to run the full 13.1 miles in training and to fit in the Growler Gallup 10 miler. He struggled a bit with his 12 mile training run, but made it through the full 13.1 miles the following week. I’m really excited to see how his race turns out on Sunday!


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