Marathon Week 13

Week 13
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 5.12
Wednesday: 5.26
Thursday: 5.6
Friday: rest
Saturday: 10.3
Sunday: 3.1

Total miles: 29.38

I can’t say I am too pleased with how week 13 of training turned out. Wednesday’s run was supposed to be 8 miles, not 5. It rained pretty hard on Wednesday which is usually the day that I run some trails with a local running club. I knew with the rain that the trails we usually run were going to be a muddy mess. So I did the “smart” thing and wore my trail shoes. My trail shoes have been feeling a bit too small so I usually just wear my road shoes (Why are my feet growing? Seriously, stop it feet!).

When I got to run club, we decided to run a different route that would keep us on paved trails and out of the mud. I wasn’t thrilled about being stuck wearing slightly too small shoes for my 8 mile run. And once we started running, I realized that I had forgotten my inhaler. I kept the pace nice and easy for the five miles that the group ran. I could feel blisters forming so I just left it at that. Not a great run, but I wasn’t worried about missing 3 miles this week.

And then Saturday’s run happened, which brought my missed miles this week up to 9. So aggravating! I thought about adding some extra miles Sunday morning or Monday night, but in the end decided to just let my body enjoy the cutback. I’m also thinking of it as a bit of a taper for my upcoming half marathon.


3 thoughts on “Marathon Week 13

  1. I have a few weeks where I missed a few miles here and there. I would always get anxious about it too. But remember, pushing through a run when you are hurting/sick/exhausted will hurt you a lot more than some missed miles, so you probably made the right call!

    You're not going to lose fitness over some missed miles here and there and cutback weeks are crucial to training anyway. Trust your body, you will be fine!


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