Growler Gallop Follow Up

I was able to determine that I did not finish the Growler Gallop 5k in 22:14. I think 22:20 is much safer estimate. As I’ve mentioned, this wasn’t a PR, so I am not too worried about it.

The race organizers (Trivium) put a TON of pictures from the race on Facebook so I was able to grab this one of me finishing the race. The clock that you can see is the clock for the 10 mile race. I did a comparison of the other finish line photos with the other runners official finish times and determined that the difference between the two times was about 15:09. So the adjusted time on the clock would be 22:14. Perfect, you know, if I wasn’t a few feet from the finish line.

Start of the race!

 I understand that Trivium couldn’t just made up a time based on how far I was from the finish (probably just 2-3 seconds different). So I think they did the best that they could based on the situation. Plus I love having pictures of me running so I am glad that the photos were all available on Facebook instead of having to pay for them.


4 thoughts on “Growler Gallop Follow Up

  1. I love when races offering free photos. They're so overpriced and half the time the photos are crummy anyways. One of my tri's this year offered everyone their photos for free; it was included in the registration cost but it was an inexpensive race so it really didn't feel like an extra add on. Great job on a strong race! I hope I can be that fast some day!


  2. This is totally one of those “if you were a runner you'd understand” posts. I would also be so annoyed to not have an official finish time and I probably would be doing the same thing as you right now trying to use evidence to calculate it LOL. I've done crazier things to calculate the pace of a run when I knew my GPS was wrong


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