Saturday: Tried the calf strain rehabilitation exercises recommended by my doctor. They are all pretty easy except the wall jumps, because any sort of jumping is painful. I managed 5 jumps. I went to the gym to see if the elliptical would be an option while my calf heals. I was so bored that I … More Official

Not happening.

Yesterday I tried to test out my leg to see if I was able to run at all. My plan was to apply heat, stretch, then head out on a walk. After about a half mile walk (to get everything all nice and warmed up) I was planning to alternate 30-60 seconds of running with … More Not happening.

back and forth

I’ve been going back and forth between feeling confident that I can still run the marathon and angry rage at having a stupid injury derail my plans.  On Monday I thought that my calf must be making progress since I didn’t have any pain while walking, including stairs which have been just a bit painful. … More back and forth

Marathon Week 16

This is what week 16 should have looked like: Monday: rest Tuesday: 5 Wednesday: 6 Thursday: 5 Friday: rest Saturday: 4 Sunday: 12 That is not at all what happened. Remember the nagging calf pain that I mentioned in last week’s post? Well that has turned into a bit of a serious problem. I took … More Marathon Week 16