Michigan Weather

Monday: 4.2 miles, 3(5:00 running, :30 walk) + running the rest
Tuesday: strength training
Wednesday: 5.18 miles (break at the halfway point)
Thursday: rest
Friday: rest
Saturday: 3.13
Sunday: 2.12

Total miles: 14.63

My weekly mileage was actually lower this week than it was last week. Since a couple of my runs were complete without any walk breaks, I am pretty happy with the way things are progressing. Sure, I would like to be running more and not have each run feel quite so difficult, but I am making progress. That is the important thing.

The weather this week has been so crazy. On Monday it was cold (22 F) and windy. The wind was absolutely brutal during the last mile of my run. On Wednesday it was snowing; we ended up with a couple inches total. Only part of the trail had been cleared, the rest of the way felt like running in loose sand. My calf was not a fan of terrain and was very tired by the end of the run. Saturday morning everything was covered with a layer of ice, but that started melting mid-day and it rained. Sunday it was in the 50s and I wore shorts on my run.


One thought on “Michigan Weather

  1. Michigan weather sounds like Texas weather at the moment. It was chilly, then raining, then in the 80's. Go home mother nature, you're drunk 😉

    Glad you're starting to get some runs in with no walking! Yay for progress!!


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