DPHM Week 4

My left leg has decided to stop being a team player. A couple miles into my long run on Sunday I started getting this weird pain in the back of my knee. It was kind of a snapping sensation as if a tendon/muscle/something was being stretched like a rubber band and then being snapped against … More DPHM Week 4

DPHM Week 3

Monday: rest dayTuesday: 4.09 Wednesday: 5.18 Thursday: 4.09 Friday: strength trainingSaturday: 5.16Sunday: 9.43 Total Miles: 27.95 Monday is supposed to be my strength training day, but I was just not feeling it last week and really wanted a day off. I have no discipline when it comes to sticking with a strength training schedule. It … More DPHM Week 3

DPHM Week 2

Last week was another great week of training, even with my mini-race on Wednesday. I was a bit sore on Thursday so I took an unplanned rest day and rearranged the rest of my week. Monday: strength trainingTuesday: 4.49 Wednesday: 5.18 Thursday: rest Friday: 4.2Saturday: 8.18Sunday: 4.09 Total miles: 26.14 Paces for week 2 were … More DPHM Week 2

Fighting words

Step 1: Tell myself that I am going to run all of my runs at an easy pace. Step 2: Fail miserably. Twice. In one night. On Wednesdays Mr. Shoe and I usually head to a local running group to get our miles in. We started doing this over the summer and it was one … More Fighting words