Ice Ice Baby [DPHM Week 5]

My cut back week ended up being an even bigger cut back than anticipated. When I woke up on Saturday morning a solid layer of ice covered every surface. Hello, extra rest day!

With some stretching and foam rolling, I was able to run Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday without any further hamstring issues. So then I completely ignored my hamstring for two days and set out to run a nice 10 miler today. There was some minor discomfort in my hamstring after about 3-4 miles. At just shy of 6.5 miles the minor discomfort became a major pain and I was forced to walk the last half mile back to my apartment.

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 2.3
Wednesday: 6
Thursday: 3.12
Friday: rest
Saturday: unplanned rest
Sunday: 6.4

Total Miles: 17.82

For Tuesday’s run I hit the trails with my best friend for a very easy run. It was an excellent opportunity for me to test out my hamstring and spend some time catching up with my friend. It was cold, but at least it was free of snow and ice.

Wednesday I ran off road again, but this time it wasn’t really on a trail even (out of town + fresh snow/ice = limited options). Just running through a field of fresh snow that was hiding some very uneven terrain. The 6 miles is an estimate since I was running for time (60 minutes) not distance. It was even colder than it was on Tuesday.

Frozen shoes.

Since the end of this week didn’t really go as planned, I am going to continue to adjust my training schedule. I do not want to reach the point of pain with my hamstring again, so I am going to limit all of my runs to about 5 miles for the next week. I will also be foam rolling and stretching every day. I’ll reassess in another week.

Based on all of the training adjustments I have been making I am so, so grateful that my next race is not a goal race!


2 thoughts on “Ice Ice Baby [DPHM Week 5]

  1. Sorry your hamstring is bothering you still! Mine has been feeling funky lately too. It's more sore than usual after I run. I think it's just some kinks as my body tries to adjust to what has been a really inconsistent schedule lately.

    We got a bunch of snow here this weekend. I couldn't really use it as an excuse though, since I had already planned to do my long run on the indoor track to practice for an upcoming indoor half marathon.


  2. I've thought about joining a gym that has an indoor track, but it seems like it must be so painfully boring to run in tiny circles. On the other hand, it would be nice to be able to stick to my training schedule. Do you like it or is it pretty awful?


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