DPHM Week 7

Finally a week where everything goes according to plan!

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 5.16
Wednesday: 4.0
Thursday: 5.16
Friday: rest
Saturday: 4.36
Sunday: 9.03

Total Miles: 27.71

It was a bit warmer this week than it was last week. But for some reason I took that to mean it was actually warm. I ended up under dressed for Tuesday’s run and I was freezing when I got done. I was close to home so I could have easily stopped back home for an extra layer but I also was worried if I went inside I might just call it quits. Lesson learned for next time.

Wednesday and Thursday were both a bit of a drag. I think after freezing my butt off on Tuesday I just wanted to stay parked on the couch with little kitty. I felt stiff and sore during the runs, but I am glad I was able to work through it. It actually did warm up quite a bit on Saturday (in the 40s!!!). I was even a bit too warm during my run, which was a welcome change.

Poor thing had to nap alone since I was too busy running.

Sunday was my longest run in about a month. I was a bit nervous about my hamstring giving me trouble, but fortunately, the run went really well. The weather was a bit of a disaster. It started out above freezing with a bit of rain. The rain turned to sleet which felt like someone was pelting me in the face with sand. Finally the sleet turned to snow and the icy patches started showing up on the sidewalk.

I probably would have stopped early due to the sleet, but I was out with a group from my local running club which helped pass the miles. Much better to focus on conversations than on the ice smacking you in the face. When we finished our nine miles I realized my clothes where completely soaked through. Having a dry jacket and a snack waiting in my car was nothing short of glorious.

Honey Stinger Waffle, you did not disappoint!

With my minor hamstring issues, I have been keeping all of my miles at my easy pace (8:30-9:30) or slower. Since things seem to be under control once again, I think I am going to try for a couple miles at tempo pace this week. Only 5 weeks of training to go!


4 thoughts on “DPHM Week 7

  1. Great job this week! Glad your 9 miler went well =)

    On a slightly unrelated note, how do you not develop twitch with those obscure mileages? I can't not keep running until I hit an even quarter mile ending for my distance!


  2. Haha, I don't have a Garmin. So I map out my routes with walkjogrun.net. Since most of my usual routes are out-and-backs or loops, I just go with whatever distance that is, so long as it is longer than my goal. Plus I figure if I go a bit over on most runs (5.16 instead of just 5 miles), I'll be set if I don't run the tangents in a race.

    I'm sure someday I'll spend the money on a GPS watch and allow myself to be all sorts of precise with my training runs, but since I am still seeing improvements with just a basic stopwatch, I figure there isn't an urgent need to run out and spend the money. Plus I am getting really good at estimating paces on the fly…that seems like valuable life skill, right?


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