DPHM Week 8

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 5.4 with 6×400
Wednesday: 3.4
Thursday: 5.48
Friday: rest
Saturday: 10.92
Sunday: rest (unscheduled)

Total Miles: 25.2

On Tuesday the closest running route to my apartment was a wet, slippery mess. This really interfered with my plan to run 5 miles with 2-3 miles at tempo pace. Running fast requires traction. There was, however, a really nice clear section that was about a quarter of a mile long. When I got to the dry section after about 2 miles of playing “Ice or Puddle?”, I wanted to stay there. To make it interesting I ran hard for the length of the dry section (about 400m), then turned around and jogged back to the start.

My pace for these intervals was a bit too slow to really be an effective workout, but I hadn’t run intervals in quite some time and didn’t want to over do it. Average pace for each interval was 7:45. Because this wasn’t an ideal speed session I added a fast finish to both Thursday’s and Saturday’s run.

Celebratory wine!

On Friday Mr. Shoe and I closed on our first home so this weekend was primarily dedicated to moving. I moved my long run from Sunday to first thing Saturday morning to get it out of the way before our family came over to help us move. I was also planning on running just 10 miles but miscalculated my route. This was also my first double digit run since my calf strain! I had no issues during the run. My average pace was 8:55 with a pretty solid negative split (second half was 2:45 faster than the first).

Icy river I ran beside on my long run.

 Almost 11 miles followed by a long day of moving boxes from a second story apartment to a three story condo left my legs absolutely shot. I had time for a short run on Sunday (after a second day of moving) but honestly my legs were so tired I thought it was better to take an extra rest day. I was worried that I’d come in under 25 miles total for the week and really pleased to see I that I just made it.

Loving the contrast between the dull greys of winter and my bright new shoes.

Goals for week 9: 30 miles of running, one tempo run, 12 mile long run


2 thoughts on “DPHM Week 8

  1. CONGRATS on your new home!! That's so exciting!!

    I hate the “ice or puddle” game, lol. It's bad enough when I'm walking, during a run it's just scary!

    Good job getting your 25 miles in! I haven't hit mileage that high in months, and it's kind of embarrassing. But marathon training is starting in a few weeks so these low mileage weeks are about to be ancient history!


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