DPHM Week 9

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 4.7
Wednesday: 5
Thursday: 4.7
Friday: rest
Saturday: 12.82 + strides
Sunday: 3.74

Total Miles:30.96

The weather provided an interesting element to this week’s training. Thursday morning the weather was described as “ice pellets.” I’m not sure how exactly ice pellets differ from say hail, but everything was covered with tiny balls of ice. It snowed later that day and warmed up a bit creating a squishy mess. I was planning on doing a tempo run on Thursday, but since conditions were not ideal I ended up just doing an easy run.

Hello, snow!

The forecast was calling for a major blizzard on Sunday so I bumped my long run to Saturday afternoon. The weather was perfect for a long run and I had dry pavement the entire time. To make up for missing my temp run I threw in about 8 strides towards the end of my long run. As predicted, when I woke up on Sunday there was already a fresh inch or two of snow. When I headed out for my run around 11 am, there was about 4 inches of fresh powder to run through. Even though I was running at a very easy pace my legs were working hard the entire time.

Sunday run done!

I am so glad that I got out early for my run, by 3:00 there was already 6-8 inches of snow. It is still coming down, but I will be happily staying inside for the rest of the night. This weather definitely has me looking forward to my trip to sunny Florida in a few weeks!

I’m not quite sure what my plans are for week 10. With my long run this week ending up close to 13 miles, I am feeling ready for a half marathon in 3 weeks. Since the past few weeks have all been increasing mileage, I might want a cutback week.


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