DPHM Week 11

So week 11 was a bit of a disaster. Nothing really went according to plan, but I can’t be bothered because I leave for the sunshine state in 2 days!

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 5.26
Wednesday: 4.7
Thursday: rest
Friday: 4.7
Saturday: 5.36
Sunday: rest

Total Miles: 20

Tuesday was speed work, which, as I mentioned, went really well. Unfortunately after my amazing run I failed to stretch and foam roll. The next day my calves were very tight. I didn’t realize this until I started my Wednesday run. I ended up walking portions of my Wednesday run. I was very nervous that my stupidity was going to lead to another calf injury, but after taking a rest day Thursday and foam rolling like crazy, everything seemed to be back to normal. I will not be making this mistake again! Speed work = foam rolling. No exceptions!

Valentine’s Day run with the husband.

Friday was an easy run just to see how my calves were feeling (perfectly fine, thankyouverymuch!). Saturday was supposed to be my long run but I ended up cutting it short. When I started my run the trail already had a fresh layer of snow and there was more snow coming down. After about 4 miles I came across a car accident that made me a bit nervous since the path I was on runs along the side of the road. I did not want a car to slide off the road and into the path. When I was about a half mile from home the wind and snow really picked up and visibility went to shit. I had a major intersection that I had to cross and I was actually nervous that cars would not be able to see me. Once I made it through the intersection and back to my house I decided that one loop would have to suffice.

Icy souvenirs from Saturday’s run.

Sunday turned into an extra rest day when I checked the weather and saw it was -8 degrees with a windchill of -30! That is just too cold for me. It is getting harder to convince myself to head out in the snow and cold to run. I’m tired of struggling against the elements. I remember this happening last year too. I am really hoping when I get back from vacation that the weather will be a bit milder.


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