Final DPHM update

Mr. Shoe and I leave today for Florida, family, and sunshine but the race is not until Sunday.

It is finally here!

Speaking of family, this race is going to be my sister’s first half marathon (and I am so, so impressed by how hard she has been training!). Just one year ago she ran her first 5k at the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend and now she will be back for the half marathon. We first talked about running this race together ages ago, but due to timing and financial constraints we kept putting it off. I’m super excited that we are finally running it! Mr. Shoe will be running as well so we can cross Florida off of our list. I’m still not quite sure how I talked him into this one, but I am really hoping that he has fun!

My sister finishing her first 15k race!

Also running her first race ever this weekend is my favorite little niece! She is doing the 100m dash kids race at Epcot. My niece and I will be dressing up as the same princess for our races. There is a 100% chance that she will look adorable and I will look like a dork. I am okay with this.

I probably won’t be blogging until I am back from vacation, but if you want you can follow me on instagram.


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