S2S 5k – Week 4

Monday Rest day. Tuesday 5.44 miles total. Warm up of 1.5 miles followed by just shy of a mile of technique drills. For each technique drill there was the drill itself, a short jog, a quick stride, and a short walk. Then I would start the next drill. The drills were followed by a 3 … More S2S 5k – Week 4

S2S 5k – Week 3

Monday Supposed to be injury prevention day, but my laziness took over and this turned into a rest day. Tuesday 5×2:00 at 5KE followed by 3:00 of recovery. With a 2 mile warm up and a 2 mile cool down this workout totaled 7.1 miles. Wednesday 4.1 miles extra easy. Last week I ended up … More S2S 5k – Week 3

S2S 5k – Week 2

MondayMy right calf felt tight and my lower back started bothering me late Sunday night. I started with a short walk to try to loosen things up (and enjoy the sunshine a bit!). The only strengthening exercises that I did this week were for my core (no squats, calf raises, etc). Most of my time … More S2S 5k – Week 2

S2S 5k – Week 1

MondayThe forecast for Tuesday was 1-3 inches of snow/ice mix so I moved Tuesday’s run to Monday. This might have been the best decision I made all week since when I left work on Tuesday the sidewalk was solid ice. Just walking was difficult. My plan called for 5×1:00 at 5k effort followed by 2:00 … More S2S 5k – Week 1