Hello, 5k training!

I am feeling super motivated to jump into 5k training this week, which is why you are reading about my next training plan instead of a race recap from the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I am still finalizing that post and should have it up later this week. Sorry for the week+ delay! I like to stay away from the computer while I am on vacation; it is too much like work!


Disney World with my mister.

That said, I am loving that it is the start to a new week, a new month, and a new training plan! It is a wonderful feeling of freshness and I am happily pretending that spring is here as well. As an added bonus, Shanty 2 Shorts has finally updated their website with 2015 registration information so I 100% know when my goal race will be (May 9th, as expected).

For the next 8 weeks my training should look something like this (training plan based on the information found here, but adapted to my current fitness):

Monday: injury prevention
Will include foam rolling, stretching/yoga, strength training, recovery runs, etc. In my attempt to move from 5 days to 6 days per week of running I am officially changing Mondays from rest days to injury prevention days.
Tuesday: 5k efforts 
A medium length run of 5-7 miles including repetitions at what feels like 5k effort. Reps will be based on time, not distance. My goal is to finish the last rep feeling like I could run 1-2 more reps. So not 100% exhausted but definitely tired.
Wednesday: Medium run, easy pace
5-7 miles at an easy pace (8:30-9:30 pace)
Thursday: technique drills or hill repeats
Each week will alternate between technique/form drills followed by a medium length run and a medium length run with long hill repeats midway through the run.
Friday: rest day!
Saturday: Medium run, easy pace
same as Wednesday, 5-7 miles
Sunday: Long run
8-12 miles at a slow, easy pace (8:45-9:45).  In general I would prefer these runs to be 10-12 miles minimum, but since I am going to be adding harder running to my weekly routine I am allowing the first few weeks to be a bit shorter if needed.
Hoping this training plan will help me win again in 2015!
The last 2 weeks before the race will be structured a little bit differently. I’ll go into more detail when that time comes. In general I plan to be running 30-40 miles per week. This was the distance I was running when I ran a 22:14 in September. But I wasn’t doing any speed work AND I did a long run the day before the race. I am hoping that my 5k focused training leads to a fairly substantial PR, though I will be happy with any improvement.

2 thoughts on “Hello, 5k training!

  1. I can't wait to hear about your race!

    I'm interested to see how your 5K training goes. The more I hear people talk about this, the more I want to do it. I don't know when though, because I want to qualify for Boston so I feel like marathons are going to dominate the next couple years of my running. But we'll see!


  2. Boston is one of my long term dreams as well, but I know I have a long way to go before it is even close to being a reality. My sort of long term plan is to improve speed at shorter races and then start applying that speed to longer distances. And maybe in 3-5 years that will lead to a BQ (fingers crossed).

    But I should probably wait until I see how I do in my first marathon this fall before I start making too many plans 🙂


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