S2S 5k – Week 4

Rest day.

5.44 miles total. Warm up of 1.5 miles followed by just shy of a mile of technique drills. For each technique drill there was the drill itself, a short jog, a quick stride, and a short walk. Then I would start the next drill. The drills were followed by a 3 miles run at 9:00 pace.

5.66 miles at recovery pace (9:41, aiming for anywhere between 9:22 and 10:04).

5×3:00 at 5KE followed by 3:00 of recovery. With a 2 mile warm up and a 2 mile cool down this workout totaled 7.1 miles. Average pace for reps was 6:40.

This workout was brutal. It just wasn’t my day. I felt fine when I was starting my workout, but a minute into the third rep everything started to fall apart. My arms and shoulders hurt while pumping my arms, which has never happened. The cold wind was making breathing so difficult even though I had taken my inhaler. I tried to just focus on form and getting through the workout the best that I could. It was a very frustrating workout.

Rest day.

11.34 miles with an average pace of 9:10. After dropping out of my long run last week and really struggling through my long run the week before, I was determined to make this long run a good one. And it was! I felt great the entire time!

I usually do my long runs on Sundays, but there was a marathon/half marathon on Sunday that used part of my usual long run route. I didn’t want to be in the way so I just moved it to Saturday. This also allowed me to do my long run after a rest day, which probably contributed to how great it felt.

5.66 miles with an average pace of 9:44 (like Wednesday my target was my recovery pace).

Total miles: 35.1

Noticeably missing from this week: injury prevention work! Completely my fault so I won’t bother trying to come up with excuses. I am already planning my Monday night to make sure I don’t skip it two weeks in a row.

On a less disappointing note: this is my highest mileage week of the year (so far)! Aiming for another 35+ miles next week.


8 thoughts on “S2S 5k – Week 4

  1. Nice job this week! It really is hard to get everything in. There's just so much to do and so little time.

    I'm actually thinking of moving my 5-day running block up one day so I can do my long run on Saturday again and have Sunday off. I just really don't like Sunday long runs, I miss doing them on Saturdays, and I would really like to have one weekend day of complete rest. Plus my running group does long runs on Saturday and it would be great to be able to meet up with them again.


  2. Having company on long runs can really make it seem like the miles are just flying by. It sounds like a good idea to move you run block up by one day.

    I think I am going to keep my long runs on Saturdays for the next few weeks and then try switching it back. I am probably still getting used to the increased hard workouts and need to be a bit more strategic with my rest days.


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