S2S – Week 8

Week 8 turned into a week off. For the majority of the week my ankle/foot was too swollen to fit in my running shoes. Even though it wasn’t really painful, I took this as a sign that I should stay off of it. The road rash however was a literal pain in the butt. Sitting … More S2S – Week 8

S2S – Week 7

Baby bruise on my knee; ankle is destroyed. MondayInjury Prevention Rest day. I was not feeling it on Monday and decided to move my injury prevention day to later in the week. Tuesday5 x 4:00 at 5k effort with 3:00 recovery7 miles total My left quad was feeling a little tight on Tuesday and I … More S2S – Week 7

S2S – Week 6

I was tired of seeing snow in my usual training report photo, but I haven’t had a chance to take a new photo. So please enjoy this photo from my 5k in Hawaii! I finished in 24:23 which was good enough for 2nd in my age group (yep, small race!). I’ll just be sitting here … More S2S – Week 6

Week 5?

Little kitty not only keeps me company when I am sick, she also likes to climb all over me while I try to stretch. Her name is not really little kitty, it’s Mitten. She has too many toes which make her paws look like mittens. MondayInjury prevention day! Core strength with a small amount of … More Week 5?

Missed runs

Running this week is just not happening. Sunday I noticed that my lungs/chest was feeling slightly irritated. I have felt similar discomfort after really, really hard runs, but since I hadn’t run very hard on Saturday or Sunday I didn’t know what had caused the irritation. On Monday it was irritation + losing my voice. … More Missed runs