Week 5?

Little kitty not only keeps me company when I am sick, she also likes to climb all over me while I try to stretch. Her name is not really little kitty, it’s Mitten. She has too many toes which make her paws look like mittens.

Injury prevention day! Core strength with a small amount of body weight strength training for upper body and legs. I also spent a fair amount of time stretching. Foam rolling didn’t seem necessary since I did not notice any tight spots in the previous week.

Terribly sick.

This was the first day that I actually felt a bit better. Definitely not well enough to run though. I toyed with the idea of doing some core work or strength training, but in the end decided I wasn’t actually feeling that great. I spent about 25 minutes stretching just for something to do.

I wanted to run on Sunday but told myself no. I have had chest colds before and I know from experience that if I try to jump back into running too quickly I will end up relapsing. I battled a chest cold one year from mid September to early November (which is when my doctor finally said absolutely no running for a week). Not going to happen this time!

Training Adjustments:

    1. 4 x 4:00 at 5k effort (May 31) and 5 x 4:00 at 5k effort (April 7). Instead of jumping into intervals for my first run back, I moved the May 31 workout to this coming Thursday (April 9) instead of Tuesday. I shifted each 5k effort session after that back one week to accommodate this change. In week 9 of my training plan I canceled a session of 200m intervals at 3k effort. I did not want to miss any of the 5k effort sessions and since I don’t have easy access to a track, this seemed like a good workout to cancel.
    2. 4 x 90s hill repeats (April 2). Instead of doing defined hill repeats I will run a hilly route on April 12 (see #5 for more info). I have another hill repeat workout scheduled for April 16; I did not want to have two hill repeats too close together.
    3. 12 mile long run (April 4). I will not be making up this workout.
    4. Technique drills (April 9). I will not be making up this workout.
    5. 12 mile long run (April 12). I don’t want to over do it this week so I am going to cut my long run down to 8 hilly miles. In my mind I am averaging my long run and my hill repeats (see #2) into a medium distance hilly run. 

    I am hoping that these are smart adjustments. I know that I can not make up the 35 miles of running that I missed in week 5, but I also wanted to maintain the progression of my 5k effort intervals. I feel like these runs are very important to improve my 5k PR. I also know that the hill repeats are important for building speed, so I wanted to maintain some aspect of running hills. I am hoping that I made the right decision in cutting the long runs and the technique drills. If anyone has any better suggestions, please let me know!


      6 thoughts on “Week 5?

      1. Hope that you're feeling better! I also came down with something this week. Luckily it seems to all be congestion in my nasal area, so I think I'll be fine with some rest. I think you'll be fine with a few adjustments. Health is always more important than a PR!!


      2. I am proud of you for erring on the side of caution late last week and passing up those runs when you knew you weren't 100% yet. I feel like I am always hearing the same story from runners: the minute I felt a little better than deathly I immediately went running again because I just could not wait another second! We never lose as much fitness as we think, especially after only a week off. Training can wait, health cannot. Props to you!

        If it were me personally, I would probably cut mileage before I cut intensity. But both are hard on a recovering body so I think it's smart that you are making adjustments in both areas. To economize, I would probably keep in as many hill workouts as I can, since those can also serve as speed AND strength workouts.



      3. Thanks, Hanna! I definitely had a few moments this weekend where I was wondering why I wasn't just pushing through and trying to run even though I still wasn't feeling the greatest. I had to keep reminding myself that a week off (technically only 6 days, since I did get in Monday's workout) is not going to undo the past 4 weeks of training (and the months of training leading up to that point).


      4. Awwww Mitten <3

        Cecil climbs all over me whenever I get down on the floor to stretch too. Gotta love those kitties!

        I think your plan makes a lot of sense. I like that you're cutting the 12-miler down to 8 hilly miles. That seems like the perfect adjustment!


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