S2S – Week 9

3.76 miles (8:53 avg pace)

After taking yet another week off, I was so glad to be running again. I didn’t want to wait until Tuesday, so I ran on Monday instead. Yay running!!


I started the workout with my strength training routine, which includes a bit of upper body and a bit of legs. Since I have actually been following through with my plan to strength train once per week, I decided it was time to increase my reps. I could tell that I put in a harder workout than usual; I tried to do some planks after and my arms were complete jello. For my core routine I ended up doing ab ripper x (part of the P90X videos) since it doesn’t involve my arms. I finished up the workout by spending about 20 minutes stretching.

4.7 mile progression run (8:46 avg pace)

My run started nice and slow, my first mile was around 9:30. I closed out the run at about 8:10. This run felt great!

5.29 miles (9:12 avg pace)

This was kind of a strange day for me. I had a tiring day at work and did not have any motivation to run when I got home. I ended up watching a couple hours of tv and then taking a short nap. When I woke up I decided I would feel better if I at least got in a few miles. I ran to the park close to my house and then hit the trails for a relaxing run through the woods.

Unfortunately my run was interrupted my some stomach issues. Running was making it worse so I stopped my watch and walked back to the entrance of the park. I was so grateful to discover that the bathrooms had finally been opened up for the summer!

2 miles (not timed)

It was so sunny and gorgeous outside that I absolutely had to go for a run. Mr. Shoe has just started running again (winter running was not his thing!) so I ran part of his run with him. I knew I would be running Saturday and Sunday and didn’t want to over do it.

10.13 miles (8:49 avg pace)

I was invited by my friend Ty to do a supported group run leaving from a local running store. After the first mile, we kept every mile under 9:00 and managed a solid fast finish. Our last few miles were in the 7:30 range. For a longer run, I usually wouldn’t run quite this fast, but even with the faster pace I was able to chat during the run.

5.27 miles (9:10 avg pace)

Another run on the trails (this time with no stomach issues!). Mr. Shoe and I drove to the park, ran 3 miles worth of trails, and then I ran 2 miles home while Mr. Shoe drove back. It was 80 degrees and sunny, even though we waited until 6pm to start our run. It’s definitely going to take me a while to get used to the hot temperatures again.

Total miles: 31.15

I’m happy with my mileage for the week and the fact that I managed to sneak in a couple of fast miles. After missing so many days in April, I decided it would be smarter to keep the pace easy this week. So no real speed work, just an accidental progression run on Wednesday and fast finish on Saturday.

Next week is race week. I think I’m ready!


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