Charlevoix Half Training – Week 1

Cross training: Core + Strength Training

Distance: 8.17
Pace: 2 miles easy, 4 miles at HMP (7:55), 2 miles easy
Cross training: Flexibility 

I only timed the middle 4 miles of my run, so I am not sure what the pace was for the other 4 miles. I don’t think it matters. I did this exact same run last Tuesday and it felt more difficult this week. Probably due to racing on Saturday.


Distance: 9.09 miles
Pace: 9:14
Cross Training: flexibility

Apart from a mid-run bathroom break, this was a pretty easy run.


The husband and I kicked off our weekend with some beer sampling at the World Expo of Beer. We have been going to this event every year for the past 6-7 years. I was so grateful that Saturday’s run was a short one, because I knew I was going to be in rough shape the next day. 

Distance: 4.1
Pace: 9:38

Distance: 12.18
Pace: 9:30

It was in the upper 60s when I started this run and mid 70s by the time I finished. Plus humidity. The last couple miles I could really feel the heat, but I was able to maintain my pace.

Distance: 33.54 miles
Speed work: 1 tempo run
Cross Training: 2 flex, 1 core, 1 strength

I’m really pleased with how this week turned out. 33 miles is a pretty normal week for me, but this week had the mileage spread across just 4 days instead of my usual 5. In another week or so I will pick back up that 5th day of running. The speed work was comfortably hard, which was a nice change of pace (pun intended) from 5k training. In terms of cross training, I need to add at least one more day per week of core work.


4 thoughts on “Charlevoix Half Training – Week 1

  1. It really helped that the race was on a Saturday, so I was able to take Sunday and Monday off from running without it affecting this week's mileage. Also helped that it was a 5k. If it had been a longer race, then this week would have definitely been shorter.


  2. Thanks, Hanna! The half marathon is only 6 weeks away, but this is technically the start of my marathon training. The training plan I am using is 18 weeks long, but I've extended it to 23 weeks to accommodate races/unplanned injuries/illness. So this way I will be able cut back mileage the week before and week after each race (half in June, 10 miler in August) and have an extra week or so in case of minor injury/illness.

    I know this is probably excessive, but after missing 2 weeks in April, I don't want to take any chances. Especially with this being my second attempt at a first marathon! I don't want to screw anything up. To keep myself from feeling overwhelmed with such a long training plan I am breaking it down into sections leading up to each race 7 weeks to half, 8 weeks to 10 miler, 8 weeks to marathon, but the training will all be marathon focused.


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