2015 Halfway Check In

Can you believe that 2015 is half over? I thought that this would be a good time to check in with my 2015 goals. This is where I would link back to that post that I made in January about my 2015 resolutions/goals/dreams. Or at least, I would if I had made one of those posts.

In 2014 I made some huge running related goals and I ended up not reaching any of them. Sub 1:45 half marathon? No. Run first marathon? More no. Run 1000 miles? Even more no. I finished the year feeling like a disappointment and I decided I did not want to feel like that again in 2015. So for 2015 my goal is simply:ย  ย 

Run more and don’t get injured.

I can happily say that I am perfectly on track! While my injury prevention work has not always been perfect, I have made it through the first 6 months without any issues. I’d like to think that I have started to figure out when I can push through the pain and when I need to take an extra rest day, but maybe I’ve just gotten lucky this year.

In terms of running more, in the first half of 2014 I ran 376.01 miles (that .01 is super important, lol). So far this year I have logged 675.83 miles! Almost an 80% increase in mileage! I know that sounds like a ridiculous increase, but the winter of 2014 was so terrible that I hardly ran at all. I also missed almost an entire month due to a non-running injury.

Of course I have still set some more granular goals along the way this year. I wanted a PR in the 5k (victory!). I still am chasing that sub 1:45 half marathon (maybe later this year? next year?). And I definitely plan on running my first marathon this year (no injuries, pleaseandthankyou!). But instead of getting really hung up on the details, I have been trying (trying, I’m not perfect!) to focus on the big picture. I know that if I put in the work my times will continue to improve. Maybe not as quickly or consistently as I want, but they should keep improving.

All smiles after Charlevoix, but in my head I am demanding a do over!

What goals did you set for 2015? What progress have you made towards your goals?


5 thoughts on “2015 Halfway Check In

  1. I love your goal. That should have been my goal. Run and not get injured. I think I pulled what you did in 2014 and definitely set some goals that I haven't touched yet. I still have some time goals for myself but I'm focusing on strength and staying injury free for fall ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Nice job on your increase in mileage! You almost doubled it!!

    It seems you have had a lot of success this year, maybe just not in the way you expected. You have been totally killing it in the 5K, winning races and nabbing huge PRs, and you were so dedicated to your training! I really am so excited to see what your marathon training journey brings you. Hopefully unlike last fall we can BOTH talk about our 26.2 triumphs and gripes this year!

    I tend not to set yearly running goals, which is weird for me because that is right up my alley. Things just change for me so much in terms of what I want and what my priorities are. This time last year I never thought I'd run a Spring marathon, I thought I'd be a total speedster powering through shorter distance PRs – and now the complete opposite is true!


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