Sister fun & an accidental PR

I usually limit my posts to just running content, but I thought a recap from my weekend with my sister was in order. I also went on two runs with my sister, so it kind of is running related! Also if you are ever in the Michigan area and want someone to eat/drink/run with, you know who to ask!

I kicked off my four day weekend with a quick-ish 5 mile run after work. It was a bit hot out, but I managed to find a few sprinklers to run through which felt amazing! I was hoping to have time for 6 miles, but even with cutting it down to 5 I was in the shower when my family showed up. 

Once I was showered and ready to go, my sister, Colleen, and I took the little miss to the park so she could run around a little bit. After that we were STARVING so we headed to a brewery for some much needed food and beer. Colleen and I also made plans to run 4 miles together the next morning. My niece gave me the following bit of running advice: If you see any zombies during your run, don’t be scared. They are just people in costumes. I wanted to make sure to share that with you just in case you run into any zombies during your next run.

I wanted to run 10 miles Friday morning, so I started an hour early while everyone was still sleeping. After 6 miles I looped back to my house to grab my sister. Colleen had repeatedly warned me that she was going to be super slow and we would be running 12 minute miles. I repeatedly told her that I didn’t care as long as we were running together.

Apparently the heat/humidity of Florida has been holding her down because we ended up running at a 10:30 pace AND we were talking the entire time. Also I can’t believe she hasn’t broke 30:00 in the 5k yet, because she is definitely ready! She also tried to tell me that 5ks are boring now that she has run a couple of half marathons. Haha! Not if you are racing them! This also might have been the reason that I pushed the pace a bit for the last mile which meant she accidentally set a new 5k PR on her Garmin! Nice work, sister! Sorry I made you work so hard!

The rest of the day was a blur of parks and food and beer. Actually that was pretty much the theme of our entire weekend together: take my niece to the park (or better, get the husbands to take her to the park while we went shopping!), eat lots of food, drink lots of beer.

On Sunday I had 14 miles on my schedule and I had convinced Colleen to join me for the last six. After running 8 miles on my own, the plan was to run to a park about 6 miles away and have the rest of the group meet us there with donuts! Unfortunately everyone else slept in too late to make that plan a reality so we had to call my husband to come pick us up. At least we still stopped for donuts on the way home!

Colleen and I used to be really close when we were younger, but during college we ended up drifting apart pretty badly. Fortunately in the past few years we have been doing an excellent job at rebuilding our friendship. I had the best time running the Disney Princess Half Marathon with her and loved the endless phone calls about training and costumes leading up to the trip. Running with her again last weekend really made me realize how close we have become this year. I can’t wait to see her again soon and hopefully we’ll be training for another race together as well!


2 thoughts on “Sister fun & an accidental PR

  1. Awww congrats to your sister on the new PR! The heat/humidity here in Florida is real. This post gives me some hope that I'll be able to knock out a PR in Chicago where the weather should be much more agreeable!


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