Last minute changes…

Ever since my less-than-satisfactory finish at the Charlevoix Half Marathon, I have been toying with the idea of adding another half marathon to my 2015 race line up. At first I was really against the idea of adding another race since I was planning on racing a 10 miler in August, which already meant one week without a long run. I didn’t like the idea of adding another week without a long run to my training plan. After all, my number one top goal of the year is the Grand Rapids Marathon. I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize that race.

And then summer happened and the hotter it got, the less interested I became in racing in the heat. The 10 miler is this coming Saturday. I decided a few weeks ago not to register. I am pretty relieved not to have a race this weekend. So instead this happened…

I guess I have a half marathon coming up in 5 weeks! This will be my third year running this race; you can read last year’s recap here. Every year that I have run this race I have set a new PR, so it would be nice to continue that tradition. In general, I think, I just want to finish the race feeling strong and confident so that I can carry those feelings over to the marathon starting line 4 weeks later.

I should have my training check in up tomorrow morning. Spoiler alert: It was a pretty huge week! 52 miles total!!

6 thoughts on “Last minute changes…

  1. Yay! I'm sure you will crush it. Just remember that if you do want to do well you MUST taper. Yes, that will mean a lower mileage week, but you are late in enough in your training that you have amassed enough cumulative fatigue that could interfere with your performance if you don't give yourself time to rest. I made this mistake at my last two Spring half marathons – one of them I ran the week after a FF 20 miler – I thought I'd be golden because of all my high mileage training but I was exhausted. So taper taper taper!!

    Don't worry about the missed long run. I get that fear, but if you think about it, a shorter long run in a race environment is probably better preparation than another slow 18 miler, you know? You already have the mileage base, 1 missed long run isn't going to make that much of a difference.

    Can't wait to see how you do!!


  2. Thanks for the taper reminder! I still need to look over my training plan for the weeks before/after the race and make sure that I give myself adequate rest leading up to and following the race. I'd rather miss out on a few miles than end up injured because I was afraid to cut back.


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