Grand Rapids Marathon – 9 weeks left!

Single digit weeks remaining! I can’t believe how quickly race day is approaching. Especially since I now have two races on my calendar instead of just one.


Distance: 6.0 with 6 strides
Pace: 9:44

Distance: 14.0
Pace:  9:16

Distance: 6.0
Pace: 9:58


Distance: 7.51
Pace: 9:30

Distance: 18.6
Pace: 9:34

For my long run I decided to split the distance between last week’s 17 miler and next week’s 20 miler, which put me at 18.5 this week. I was hoping that this run would be as good as last week’s, but this week had higher temperatures and higher humidity. I got through the distance without any issues, but I definitely wasn’t feel strong at the end like I was last week. 

Total: 52.11 miles

This was my highest week of mileage ever, which is pretty exciting! Although this coming week will be the real test with 55 miles on the schedule. My top priority is getting through my weekly mileage, so I am not sure if I will be adding any speed work this week. I’d like to get in a few miles at half marathon pace early in the week, but I also want to make sure my legs are some what fresh for my 20 miler. I might have to hold off this week.


9 thoughts on “Grand Rapids Marathon – 9 weeks left!

  1. 52 miles!! Way to go!! I remember when I crossed the 50 threshold in my own training. Such an exciting milestone…and exhausting!

    My advice is stick with your idea on holding off on the speed work. Don't try to do too much. When I crammed speed work into my high mileage weeks, I found it really hard to get through the other runs. It was fatigue city. I did do a hard tempo run during my peak mileage week, BUT I buffered it with a rest day before and after. If you want to do any hard running I would advise adding a total rest day afterward. If I hadn't done that there's no way I could have made it through a 55 mile week! High mileage is speed work in itself, so do not worry about losing speed if you do all easy miles during a heavy week. I would suggest adding some hilliness to your easy runs if you really want the extra challenge.

    Single digits, so exciting!!


  2. Wow, super high mileage this week! That's pretty impressive, especially with two double digit runs. I'm not sure if you've mentioned it before, but do you ever do any kind of cross training?


  3. Nice job this week – look at that mileage total!! Awesome! Great job on that 18.6 miler, even if you didn't feel so strong at the end you held on! You are going to crush your goal.


  4. Thank you! It was a little disappointing not to feel strong at the end of my long run, but when I looked at my Garmin splits, I also wasn't slowing down, so overall I am quite happy with how the run went.


  5. Thanks! This week definitely made me feel pretty bad ass! I like to pretend that I do cross training in the form of strength training once/week. Usually I have a few successful weeks in a row and then fall off the wagon and start over a few weeks later. It is definitely one of my weak areas.


  6. I think you are right, it is better to hold off on the speed work and focus on just getting the distance. I will try your idea of adding a few hills into my run tonight and that will have to be good enough for this week.


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