Grand Rapids Marathon – 5 weeks of training remain!

My running motivation this week was nonexistent. This was basically a week of heading out to run because I had to run, not because I wanted to run. I know that this is a normal part of training and I just need to push through. I kept reminding myself that I only had two 50+ mile weeks left. I could also tell that I was feeling a tiny bit beat up and taking a few extra rest days was super tempting.

rest day 🙂

unscheduled rest day

When I saw it was in the 90s I just couldn’t. My legs were still tired from my 20 miler on Sunday and I had absolutely no interest is suffering through 8 miles in the heat. I wasn’t sure if I would try to make up the mileage later in the week, but I just could not force myself out the door.

Distance: 11.03
Pace: 9:34

I was supposed to run 12 miles, but due to a major math fail I ended up back at my house at just 11 miles (note: 9 + 2 never equals 12). I decided that 11 was close enough.

Distance: 5.08
Pace: 9:35

Distance: 18.3
Pace: 8 miles EZ (9:37), 10 miles MP (8:40), plus a little extra

I shifted my long run to Friday to free up Sunday morning a bit. On Saturday I hosted a party to celebrate my husband’s birthday and I knew I would be too tired for a long run on Sunday. The weather was perfect and I felt so strong hitting those MP miles! I focused on taking it one mile at a time. I ran a slight progression starting with 3 miles in the 8:50s, 3 miles 8:40s, one mile at 8:30s, and the final two miles in the 8:20s.

My Garmin actually died 17.38 miles into my run, so I am just hoping that for the final 0.92 miles I was able to hold my pace. I didn’t feel like I was fading, and really, that is the important part.

Distance: 5.07
Pace: 9:54

Distance: 12.5
Pace: 9:12

Total: 51.98 miles (just slightly shy of the 52 miles I had originally scheduled)

It wasn’t a fun week, but knowing I was able to just get it done makes me happy. Although it was a slight reduction from last week, the intensity was really increased this week. A long run with over half of the miles at goal pace is definitely helping my marathon confidence.

Next week: Race week! With a half marathon on Sunday, I will be reducing my mileage this week and keeping all runs leading up to the race easy. I am anticipating somewhere between 40-45 miles, depending on how I am feeling.


5 thoughts on “Grand Rapids Marathon – 5 weeks of training remain!

  1. Way to get it done when you weren't feeling it – what a solid week, heat and all! I feel you on the “I just don't want to” – that's how I felt last week. I sort of feel that way this week too but I know just ONE MORE and then TAPER TIME! You are almost there, sister!!! Get it!!!


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