A full race recap should be up later this week, but I wanted to let you know I finished!  I’m officially a member of the 26.2 club!

My calves suck too

Since Sunday morning’s 5 mile run was pretty much pain free, I decided to head out for a slightly longer run Monday evening. I thought a good goal for this run was 8-10 miles. I really wanted to get in one last double digit run before the marathon. Somehow I had convinced myself that 10 … More My calves suck too

Hips don’t lie

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been having a lot of pain issues in my right hip. The pain started after a handful of pretty crummy training runs following the half marathon, but really peaked a couple days after my last long run. Basically any time I put any weight on my … More Hips don’t lie

Training lately…

I haven’t managed to post a training update for the past two weeks. Unfortunately this is because things have not been so great after the half marathon. I’m sorry for the radio silence and for the excessively long post you are about to read. In the week following the race (September 21-27) I was pretty … More Training lately…