P90X – 7/90 competed

One week of strength training and crossing training completed. And it wasn’t the worst thing ever.

01: Monday
Monday would have been a rest day (Yep, I started my plan with a rest day), but I knew I would not have time to work out on Tuesday so I moved up Tuesday’s workout. The video for today was Arms & Shoulders and Ab Ripper X. Since I have not done any strength training in such a long time I cut back on the reps and made sure to use light weights. I wanted to actually be able to use my arms the next day.

I normally would have followed up with a short, easy run, but I decided to skip it. I’ve been having a bit of pain on the top of my right foot (probably extensor tendonitis). I read that extensor tendonitis can be caused by tight calves, so it seems likely that it got inflamed during the marathon.

02: Tuesday
Date night. Hockey. Go Wings.

03: Wednesday
Getting home late from the hockey game combined with working a ten hour day was exhausting. On my way home from work I realized that if I had a run scheduled I could probably push through it. Yoga, however, was not going to happen. Cue the pizza and ice cream.

04: Thursday
The first day that went as planned! I started with Legs & Back which might end up being my favorite video. I kind of hate doing lunges (and there were plenty of lunges!) but I could really feel my legs working hard. It felt like the work I was doing would really benefit my running.

I followed that up with a quick 2 mile run before finishing with Ab Ripper X. It was a long day of working out. 

05: Friday
My would have been rest day turned into Yoga X. Yoga is really not my thing and this video served as a 1.5 hour reminder of that fact. I think I am going to skip some sections of the video and try to keep this workout to about 45 minutes.

06: Saturday
Eh. Neither my two mile run nor my experience with Core Synergistics was noteworthy. I kept the pace easy on the run. The DOMS from leg day made everything difficult. I worked my way through the assortment of pushups, squats, and ab work in the video but wasn’t really into it and didn’t feel like it was a great workout. I’m hoping I come around on this video.

07: Sunday
Long run day, you know, if my foot wasn’t bothering me. I kept it short; just another 2 miles.

This week will be repeated twice and then the fourth week will be a cutback week. I’m looking forward to being a bit more familiar with the videos and hopefully starting to run a bit more.


9 thoughts on “P90X – 7/90 competed

  1. Sorry your foot is hurting. I hope you're able to figure out what's causing it so that you can work towards healing.

    Is yoga X 1.5 hours? That's a long time to do a yoga video I think… I've done some live classes that length and even they feel long. Without a live instructor and other people I think that would be too much for me.


  2. Thanks! I think I have it figured out. Short runs don't seem to bother it so I am hoping to try slowly adding a few more miles this week and see how it feels. It has stopped hurting and mostly just doesn't feel “right”, if you know what I mean. I'm trying to be extra cautious since I'm not training for anything right now.

    Yeah it is 1.5 hours long. Definitely too long for me to stay focused. I am hoping to split this video in half and alternate which half I do each week.


  3. 1.5 hours is such a long time to do yoga! I feel like the meditative benefits would be lost on me and I'd end up angry that I had to do yoga for that long! 😛

    I hope your foot starts really better soon. I know an injury like that can be super annoying. It's just enough to be aggravating but not enough to warrant a full out temper tantrum over it 😉


  4. I think if you are careful about which videos you include while training it could work well, but I definitely would not be able to keep up with full on marathon training and P90X at the same time.


  5. I may or may not have made some angry comments at the video.

    That is exactly how my injury feels, I'm not really upset or worried about training, it is just super annoying right now. I'm also letting myself believe that this is not an injury, it is just part of marathon recovery.


  6. Hopefully, your foot just needs some rest. I know someone who has hiked the Grand Canyon from rim to rim many times who told me to do lots of lunges and squats to train for it. I think of her when I do lunges and hope that if I ever hike R2R, I'll be great at it because of those lunges!


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