2015 by the miles

  Goal for 2015: Run more and don’t get injured. I’m calling this a success. I ran 963 miles in 2014 and 1428 miles in 2015! And I managed to escape without any major injuries. I did mess my hip/back up during my marathon taper, but I really only lost about 2 weeks of running. … More 2015 by the miles

Happy Holidays

I have just a few more hours of work standing between me and 11 glorious days off. I am so looking forward to sleeping in, finishing my grad school application, and making time for running and cross training. Oh and presents! I am definitely looking forward to presents! My mother in law bought me this … More Happy Holidays

Life lately

I have not been running frequently enough to warrant any sort of training recap so instead of telling you about all of my extra rest days, I thought I would just provide a general life update. RunningI’ve been keeping my “training” very informal. I followed a pretty good 22 mile week with a week of … More Life lately

Holiday Donut Dash

Last week I was aimlessly wasting time on Facebook and I saw that someone from my running group was going to an event called “Holiday Donut Dash.” There was only a picture of donuts and a brief description of the event: “5K Dash to Dom Bakery and back followed by some intense donut eating. Maybe … More Holiday Donut Dash

Weekend recap!

Last week almost felt like a normal week of running. For the first time post-marathon I ran 5 days/week and I had a sort of long run on Saturday. In addition to running more, I had a jam-packed weekend! My life is usually pretty boring. I run a lot, I sleep a lot, I eat … More Weekend recap!

December Goals

I’m finding it hard to believe that there is just on month left in 2015. October and November were sort of strange months for me in terms of running, so I am hoping to get December on track and stay there. I ran a half marathon at the end of September and started October needing … More December Goals