Yoga fail and a racecation (sort of…)

Running has been feeling really good lately. It has been so nice to just head out for a few easy miles and not have to worry about my pace/struggling due to heat/struggling with the fact I’m scheduled to run 12 miles on a Tuesday. Even the weather has been cooperating; it was warm enough to wear shorts on December 1st! Basically running has been bringing me nothing but pure joy.

Even last night when it was mid thirties and raining. It should have felt cold and miserable, but I was just so happy to be out running that it didn’t even bother me. When I finished my run I knew that I needed to do some yoga. I wish I could have just ran a few extra miles instead, but I’ve been telling myself that this is the time for cross training AND I’ve posted it on the blog so everyone will know when I flake out on it after just a few weeks…so I grabbed my mat and put in my yoga DVD.

Unfortunately just two minutes into the video I was interrupted by a phone call from my sister. Instead of doing yoga I ended up talking to my sister for over an hour and a half. This is what happens when your sister/best friend lives over a thousand miles away. The other benefit from this phone call (you know, other than saving me from the horrors of doing yoga) was that it gave us a chance to hammer out some details on a sort of impromptu sister vacation!

See you soon! (source)

My sister is a lover of all things Disney. She lives in Florida and runs basically all of the runDisney events (we did Princess together in February). In January she is running the Star Wars half marathon in California. It was supposed to be a family trip for her, but unfortunately some plans changed at the last minute. So now she is either A) Going by herself or B) Going with my 4 year old niece who will need a babysitter during the race. Well it just so happens that in addition to being an awesome race cheerleader, I am a pretty kick ass babysitter. So I’m booking a flight and headed to Disneyland for a week next month! Woohoo!

I won’t actually be racing, but I am pretty excited to cheer for my sister while she races. And I get to hang out with my two favorite ladies for a week. And get out of the cold/snow for a week. And go to California for the first time. And this trip will be smack dab between my birthday and my sister’s birthday, so it will kind of be a double birthday celebration for us!


5 thoughts on “Yoga fail and a racecation (sort of…)

  1. Yay! I responded to you in the comment thread we have going on my blog about some beers and a brewery that *might* be close to where you are staying. It sounds like a great trip!


  2. How fun! It sounds like it will be nice to enjoy this race experience without the added stress of having to race it. Sounds like it will be an awesome time!

    LOL, when it comes to non-running fitness for me, yoga is always the first thing to get cut from the team. I don't even bother trying to talk myself into doing it anymore. I figure if it were that important to me I'd find a way.


  3. That is exactly my relationship with yoga. I keep trying to force it because most of my injuries have been caused by tight muscles and I just can not get myself to be diligent with stretching.


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