Grad School & I love my sister

My graduate school application has been submitted; all that I can do now is cross my fingers and hope that I am accepted. I wish I was feeling confident, but the truth is I am really quite nervous. For years I have been considering graduate school. I can’t become a librarian without first earning my Master’s in Library & Information Science. This is something that I really want. Knowing there is a chance that it won’t happen is terrifying. I think it stems from being a perfectionist and compulsive worrier, but I really don’t handle failure well. I think my fear of failing is one of the reasons I hadn’t applied sooner.

#tbt Bachelorette party in NYC. My friends love me so we went to the library.

Taking a deep breath and trying to move this out of my mind. I don’t expect to hear back for another 6-8 weeks. Fortunately I leave tomorrow for a week in California which should at least keep me distracted for a bit.

I am most looking forward to just being with my sister and my niece. My sister is my best friend and it really sucks that we only get to see each other a couple times a year. Even though we have different goals with running, it has brought us so much closer together. Running a half marathon together last year was so much fun. I’m bummed that we won’t be running together this weekend, but I am excited to cheer her on while she runs her 3rd half marathon! Also not running means I get to sleep in and hang out with my favorite 4 year old all morning, so I’m definitely not complaining.

Oh and a week without snow won’t be too bad either!

I won’t be blogging while on vacation, but feel free to follow me on Instagram if we aren’t already Instafriends. If not, I’ll see you again on January 25th.


5 thoughts on “Grad School & I love my sister

  1. Thanks Hanna! I had kind of forgotten as well. It definitely isn't a fun experience.

    We did a lot of other fun stuff in NYC like shopping and brunch and touristy things, but my maid of honor added a trip to the New York Public Library to our itinerary as a surprise because she knew how much I would enjoy it. It was a little bit nerdy, but I loved it.


  2. You WILL get in!! Positive thoughts and vibes coming your way. Just submitting the application and taking the plunge alone is tough. I went to grad school for my Masters in Education, with certification in Business, Computers and Information Technology. It was so scary to apply and I was certain that I was not going to get in. But I did. And you will!! Go run miles and take your mind off of it 😉


  3. I hope you have a great, relaxing and fun week in California!

    Knowing how dedicated you are to running, I feel confident in your application. Surely that dedication crosses over to the other important aspects of your life. I remember waiting for my grad school acceptance letter though and feeling nervous about it even though I was pretty sure I was getting in (since I applied to a program at the school I got my BA from).

    Keep us updated so I can congratulate you when that acceptance letter comes!


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