5k Training: Week 4

My legs felt better than last week, but training still felt slightly harder than I would like, especially towards the end of the week. However I think it was the strong winds this weekend that played a large part in how exhausting my weekend runs felt. That and the fact that I ran a mere … More 5k Training: Week 4


I found out on Tuesday that I was offered admission to University of Michigan’s School of Information! Hooray!  Future Librarian! I’m so excited that I’m not even sure what to say. Thanks so much for putting up with my whining last week. I feel sort of silly now. All of that stress and worry for … More Celebrate!

5k Training: Week 3

Three weeks of training are in the books! I am finally happy with my weekly mileage (35.1, aiming for 35-40 each week of this training period) and was able to successfully complete all scheduled workouts. Unfortunately I am still dealing with lost fitness from my off season. Hard workouts require a longer than usual recovery … More 5k Training: Week 3

All things stress

Friday will mark exactly 5 weeks since I submitted my graduate school application. I still have not found out whether or not I have been accepted. The school indicated that it would take 4-6 weeks for a decision to be made. So I really shouldn’t be worrying yet, but the waiting is making me crazy. … More All things stress

5k Training: Week 2

Week 2: 33.56 miles This week I made a deliberate effort to slow down on all of my easy runs. I was disappointed in cutting last week’s long run short and did not want a repeat performance. Last week also served as a reminder that I have lost some endurance during my off season. I’ll … More 5k Training: Week 2