5k Training: Week 2

Week 2: 33.56 miles

This week I made a deliberate effort to slow down on all of my easy runs. I was disappointed in cutting last week’s long run short and did not want a repeat performance. Last week also served as a reminder that I have lost some endurance during my off season. I’ll be keeping it slow over the next few weeks while I get back on track.

In terms of mileage, I am very happy with the 4+ mile increase from week 1. I should be on track with my target mileage (35-40 mpw) in week 3. I anticipate staying in that weekly range for the duration of my 5k season.


Distance: 6.2 miles
Pace: 2.27 miles @ 10:17, 8 x 30s hill @ 7:07 [3:00 recovery], 1.97 miles @ 9:35
Comments: Not as hard of a workout as anticipated. See details here.


Distance: 6.0 miles
Pace: 9:32
Comments: It was cold and windy and I spent the entire run wishing I was done.


Distance: 3.01 miles
Pace: 9:59
Comments: Recovery run.


Distance: 5.15 miles
Pace: 9:17
Comments: Another Friday afternoon run with Ty.


Distance: 10.10 miles
Pace: 9:38
Comments: Apart from an unplanned bathroom break during mile 7, this long run felt great! Last week my legs felt heavy and tired during my long run. This week I felt like I could have kept running. I’m glad I didn’t have to though, because it was freezing cold (-6 with windchill).


Distance: 3.1 miles
Pace: 9:43
Comments: Recovery run.


7 thoughts on “5k Training: Week 2

  1. Minus six degrees? I would just fall on the fall and collapse into a ball THINKING about opening the front door to go out and run. Way to go champ! So glad that despite the cold you had an amazing run!


  2. I've known fast runners to say that the way they got fast was they just ran a ton of easy miles. It's hard to run easy, because you start to wonder if you'll slow down or your body will forget how to run fast. But it's always worth it when you feel so good going into your hard workouts!

    That's amazing that you ran 10 miles in -6. I saw a bunch of Instagram posts about people who ran Saturday morning and it made me feel like a wuss for moving my then-18 miler to Sunday to avoid the cold.


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