Workout Wednesday

4 x 5:00 at 5k pace Last year I maxed out at 4:00 intervals so yesterday’s workout was completely uncharted territory. For the first time this year my speed work was exactly as hard as I remembered from 2015. I mean, I’ve definitely been training hard this year, but last year I remember fighting through … More Workout Wednesday

5k Training: Week 8

  Tuesday Distance: 6.01 miles Pace: 8:30 Comments:  Ran a bit faster than usual because I was pressed for time. Wednesday Distance: 12.75 miles Pace: 9:30 Comments: I mixed things up this week by moving my long run to Wednesday. This sounded like a perfect idea at the time. My husband needed to drop me … More 5k Training: Week 8

UMSI: Visiting Days

I’m breaking away from my usual running talk to share a bit more about my #futurelibrarian adventure. In order to be a librarian you must hold a Master of library science (MLS) degree. I’ve been accepted into University of Michigan’s School of Information (UMSI) where, this fall, I will begin working towards my degree. I’m … More UMSI: Visiting Days

5k Training: Week 5

First of all, if you clicked over from The Shoes Run 50: Hello! And welcome to my new site! I can’t promise that everything is set up 100% correctly, but I’ve tried to catch any major mistakes. If something seems broken or missing, please don’t hesitate to let me know with a comment or an … More 5k Training: Week 5