5k Training: Week 8




Distance: 6.01 miles
Pace: 8:30
Comments:  Ran a bit faster than usual because I was pressed for time.


Distance: 12.75 miles
Pace: 9:30
Comments: I mixed things up this week by moving my long run to Wednesday. This sounded like a perfect idea at the time. My husband needed to drop me off at work due to some car trouble I was having and, if I ran home, he wouldn’t need to come pick me up. I’ve run the seven miles home from work before; it shouldn’t have been a problem to just tack on an extra 5 miles.

For a whatever of reason this was a terrible run right from the start. It was about 10 degrees colder outside than anticipated. A bit too cold for the shorts that I was wearing once you factor in the wind. My legs felt heavy and tired the entire run. The early miles were plagued by stomach issues and emergency bathroom trips. Midway through I realized I forgot to bring fuel. Every few steps I contemplated throwing in the towel and calling for a ride.

Somehow I convinced myself to just keep running. I even managed to finish the run with 1.5 miles at tempo pace (7:31 pace). I’m really proud of myself for fighting through this one.


Distance: 6.15 miles
Pace: 9:18


Distance: 8.15 miles
Pace: 3.1 @ 9:54, 4 x 90s hills @ 7:12 [5:00 recovery], 2.6 @ 9:33
Comments: My hill sprints were a bit closer to tempo pace than 5k pace, but I’m not too bothered. Instead of my usual paved hill, I took to the trails for this workout. A bit of loose gravel/dirt may have slowed me down, but it was so peaceful to be running in the woods.


Distance: 4.94 miles
Pace: 9:33


5 thoughts on “5k Training: Week 8

  1. Ugh, that long run. Mad props for getting that done. I did some runs home from work last year and those were often some of my worst runs, I don’t know why. Running home from work is totally economical but it suuuuucks


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