5k Training: Week 9

Nine weeks of training completed, just 2 weeks of training and 1 week of “tapering” before my first race of 2016! My key workout this week was brutal, but all things considered this has been a really great week!



Distance: 8.5 miles
Pace: 9:24
Comments:  Mix of pavement and trail. Perfect weather. All around awesome day.


Distance: 8.51 miles
Pace: 2.5 @ 9:51, 4 x 5:00 @ 6:39 [3:00 recovery], 2.29 @ 10:03
Comments:  Brutally hard, but a serious confidence boost.


Distance: 2.0 miles
Pace: 10:00
Comments:  Extra slow recovery run to shake out some of the soreness from Wednesday’s speed session. I followed this up with some very painful foam rolling.


I had plans to run 6 miles on Friday (aiming for 40 miles this week!) but instead I was talked into test driving a car. In less than 24 hours I went from thinking my beloved Pontiac Sunfire will certainly make it through grad school to being the proud owner of a shiny BMW. Biggest impulse buy of my life, but she’s gorgeous!


I added a few miles to Sunday’s run, but knew that it wouldn’t be realistic to try to make up all of the missed miles. So long as I get 35+ per week, I am happy.


Distance: 12.0 miles
Pace: 9:26
Comments:  Completely unremarkable long run. After last week’s long run from hell, this was definitely appreciated.


Distance: 5.6 miles
Pace: 2.5 @ 9:50, 3.1 @ 7:06
Comments:  I started my morning with a very easy 2.5 mile run and then I headed to Ypsilanti Running Co. for the Spring Donut Dash. Donut Dash is a 5k run followed by 5 donuts. The run portion went surprisingly well but I grossly underestimated the difficulty of speed eating 5 donuts. Full recap coming later this week.


14 thoughts on “5k Training: Week 9

  1. Wow! a great week! I was already impressed and ready to comment on great 5 min intervals, and then you posted about the donut run and the BMW? I wouldn’t mind a BMW myself. They are a fine species of car.


    1. I would normally never impulse buy something so expensive as a car, but my cousin literally just bought the same model a few weeks ago and put a ton of research into it. So when one popped up for sale in my area I just kind of went for it. I’ve heard so many great reviews for BMWs so it seems like it was a really good decision.


  2. Congrats on the new wheels!!

    Great job this week! Glad you’re starting to feel excited about your upcoming racing season. Hopefully the weather stops messing around soon. You were probably wise to give yourself a little extra rest in the wake of that speed work, as I’m sure the added recovery will help your body adapt better. Sounds like things are really coming along for this Spring!! Yay!


  3. Nice week! It sounds like you’re getting ready for that race. I bet you’ll rock it! Oh, and congrats on a sweet new car!! That’s definitely an upgrade from a Pontiac. 🙂


  4. Congrats on the BMW! That car really is a beauty!
    And what a great week! Looks like you had some killer workouts. I’m also super excited to hear about your donut dash!


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