5k Training: Week 10

Better late than never, right? Here is my training recap for week 10.

10 weeks completed! I feel good about all of them, even week 7 where I missed half a week’s work of runs and even this week when I had to shorten my key workout. I have one more week of training and then I will be at the start of my race season, which means just 2 weeks 10 days until race day!



Distance: 5 miles
Pace: Garmin free


Distance: 5.69 miles
Pace: 2.69 @ 9:33, 4 x 90s hills @ 7:19 [4:00 recovery], 1.23 @ 10:15
Comments: Nope.

This was just not the day for hill repeats. I was tired and sore. Mentally out of it. It was rainy and cold. I was hungry. I forgot music. I was ready quit after the first climb.Instead I struggled through 3 more.

This was the first key workout of the season that I had to modify mid-run. I cut it down from 6 repeats to just 4 (the same workout that I ran two weeks ago). It just didn’t seem worth it to continue beating myself up. I could tell that I was not fully recovered from Sunday’s Donut Dash.

Even my cool down run felt awful. My calves were so tight I had to stop to stretch and walk multiple times. The only awesome moment of this whole day was spotting four deer during my cool down. They let me pass within about 10 feet of them. I like to joke that deer are my running spirit animal so it seemed fitting to see 4, one for each interval, during my cool down. It made me feel peace with bailing on the last two hills.


Distance: 2.26 miles
Pace: 9:41
Comments: I kept Thursday extra short and extra easy. I was still feeling a lot of tightness in my calves. My only goal for this run was to warm up my legs a bit for some deep foam rolling.


Distance: 6.68 miles
Pace: 9:05
Comments: It snowed.


Distance: 12.3 miles
Pace: 8:47 average (two tempo sections)
Comments: More snow.

When I stepped outside for this run it felt like a straight up blizzard. Strong winds filled with wet, heavy snow. And a quarter mile later the sun was out and it wasn’t too bad. Until the winds picked back up.

I started with 5 easy miles and then ran my first 2 mile tempo section. In a rather masochistic move, these two miles were very hilly and almost entirely into a direct headwind. I wanted to add some challenging hills to my long run since I cut my hill repeats short. They were challenging alright, but I still managed a decent pace (7:34, 7:32).

The next 3 miles are filled with traffic lights so I dropped back to my easy pace. I finished the run with 2 flat and fast miles (7:21, 7:11). After how hard it was to hold 7:30s after five miles, I expected my pace after 10 miles to really suffer. But without the wind and the hills, that 7:21 mile was downright easy. I’ve reached a point in my running that a 7:21 pace after 10 miles feels easy! Pushed a bit harder (and definitely was working hard) to end the run with a 7:11 mile.


Distance: 4.09 miles
Pace: 9:34
Comments: Even more miserable snow. Enough already, it’s spring!

I was aiming for 5 miles but the roads were getting icy and I did not want to fall and really just did not want to be out in the snow any longer.


11 thoughts on “5k Training: Week 10

  1. I can’t believe it’s finally almost time for your racing season! I’m really excited to see how you do!

    The weather this Spring has been soooo weird. I know Spring is supposed to be a mixed bag but this has just been downright bizarre. Way to go on those long run tempos!!


    1. Remember February when it was like 70 degrees and no snow? And then April turns into the coldest month. So weird and so unpredictable. It looks like temps around here are going to be jumping right up to 70 again this weekend, so much for a nice build up of temperature/heat acclimation.

      Oh and I believe you were the person who suggested adding tempo miles to my long runs for this training cycle, so thank you! They really sucked at first, but lately have been a huge confidence boost.

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  2. Dude. We had one day of snow. YOU HAD LIKE THREE. DUDE. In April.WHATTTTT. You are awesome – you got out there and got it DONE. Nice job on that long run and on the hills. I think cutting it to 4 was a good idea since you just did the donut dash and your calves were tight – really good call. Great week!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well we did get lucky in that our snow never really accumulated. It would snow on and off all day, but never really stick to anything. But having to pull out the tights and hats and gloves all week was so demoralizing. Like, I expect that crap in Dec-March it should not be a thing in April!

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  3. Wow, that long run was killer! I need to start incorporating more speed into my long runs when I finally start training again. I also think you were so smart to take it easier after your race the last weekend. Better safe than sorry!


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