5k Training: Week 11

Happy Marathon Monday friends! Good luck to everyone in Boston; I can’t wait to read your recaps!

Training = Done! I’ve officially moved from the training portion of my spring running to the racing portion! This week is going to be focused on keeping my legs fresh and primed for Sunday’s race.

I hope to have a post up later this week recapping the entire training season as well as some hopes and dreams for my upcoming races. But first, my week 11 recap. Two awesome things this week: amazing speed workout with negative splits and my first 40+ mile week of the year.



Distance: 8.74 miles
Pace: 2.0 @ 9:51, 5 x 5:00 @ 6:41 [3:00 recovery], 2.0 @ 10:03
Comments: Two weeks ago I ran a shorter version of this workout, just 4 repeats. I started out strong, but really paid for it later in the workout. I fought so hard to maintain the pace for the last three intervals. This week I wanted to finish strong so I held back during the first two intervals (paces 6:51 and 6:48).

I opened the pace up during the final three intervals (paces 6:37! 6:34! 6:33!!!). It felt amazing to finish this run on a positive note and I felt so strong during these intervals! It was the complete opposite of two weeks ago when I just wanted to lay down and die.


Distance: 3.2 miles
Pace: 9:37


Distance: 7.07 miles
Pace: 9:16
Comments:  This run was harder than I would have liked. I think I was still recovering from Tuesday’s workout.


Distance: 5.02 miles
Pace: 9:00


Distance: 12.21 miles
Pace: 9:26
Comments:  Hot! I knew with the sudden spike in temperatures (snow last weekend, mid 70s this weekend) that this run was going to feel harder than usual. Instead of struggling through some tempo miles, I opted to just keep the pace easy for the entire long run.


Distance: 5.07 miles
Pace: 9:47


10 thoughts on “5k Training: Week 11

  1. Congrats on finishing your training – and having such a great week!! I really look forward to your upcoming post. You’ve been a little quiet about your goals for these races and the future, and I am just dying to know your thoughts on all of it.

    I’ve definitely had runs where it took me multiple days to recover even though I felt fine. It’s weird how sometimes the need for recovery only shows up in subsequent runs and not in the usual ways (extra fatigue, soreness, etc).


    1. Thanks Hanna! I’ve been pretty quiet about goals because I haven’t really thought about them too carefully. My primary goal has just been to follow my training and improve as much as possible. I should probably figure out a goal pace for at least the first mile because I know I am going to want to start way too fast!


  2. looks like a solid training week!!! you are so going to be ready for your upcoming races and just based off your key workout last week, you have the ability to break 20!!!!!!
    ill be cheering you along the virtual sidelines this weekend and will be looking forward to your race recap!!!!!!!


    1. You are too kind! I wish I had that confidence. I think I’ll be kind of close to the 20 minute mark, but I don’t think I’m quite ready to break it. I would need to hold 6:25 for the entire race and I haven’t even hit that pace once in training. I know that I always manage to run faster in races than in training, but I’m not sure I’m going to be THAT much faster.


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