Ohio: Glass City 5k

I rushed a bit to get my race recap up last week because I imagined all 6 of my readers just sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to find out how the race went. Oh, is that not how you spend your weekends? My bad! In reality I think I was eager to get that post up so I could stop thinking about missing a PR and start thinking about my next race. In my rush there were a few things that I forgot to mention.

My husband ran the 5k too which means we have officially crossed Ohio off of our 50 states list. With Ohio less than an hour south of our home in Michigan this was an easy one. Later this year we are planning to hit Oregon and New York too.


You probably already know how my race went. Once I had my finisher medal and a bottle of water, I found a spot where I could stay in the finisher chute without being in the way and wait for Kendall to finish. He finished in 26:28, about 3 minutes off his PR. Kendall HATES winter running so he has just started running regularly again about a month ago. His primary goal this year is a half marathon PR this fall.


We hung out at the after party for quite a while. We had 3 friends who were running the half marathon and we wanted to stay long enough to hear about their races. There was also a beer tent so we needed to put our new Glass City mugs to good use. The music in the beer tent was actually painfully loud, but the beer was local so no complaints there. And of course we had to wait long enough that I could collect my award! This was the first time that I placed in a large race (1100+ runners in the 5k) which was really exciting. In the past I have only placed in small races with just a few hundred runners.


Finishing in the top 5 was enough to take my mind off of missing a PR, but I still couldn’t stop myself from thinking about how frustrated I was that my Garmin was so far off ON A CERTIFIED COURSE! It really was bothering me so I started digging. A search of Glass City races in Toledo, OH in the USATF database brings up multiple certified courses for the 5k, half marathon, and marathon. None of the certified 5ks were the course we ran. Glass City had to modify their routes this year due to some construction projects. From what I can tell, the only course that they had certified this year was the marathon.

When I looked at the mile splits of my Garmin map compared with the mile splits of the official course map, they are EXACTLY where they are supposed to be. I also compared the 5k course map with the marathon course map. Halfway between mile 26 and the finish line is where mile 3 of the 5k should be. Right? Because at that point both races should be 0.1 miles from the shared finish line. I’ve added the yellow arrow to indicate where mile 3 appears on the official course map for the 5k. Clearly not halfway between the finish line and mile 26. The Glass City 5k was definitely too long.

glass city

Honestly I feel better knowing that the course was long. Otherwise I feel like I would not be able to trust my Garmin at all in my next race. Only one week to go until my next 5k and I can’t wait to take another shot at a new PR!


6 thoughts on “Ohio: Glass City 5k

  1. That is still an amazing time :). It stinks it was so close to a PR but the course was over, but you still placed and in a race that large, that’s pretty awesome. And hooray for another state out of the way 🙂


  2. Glad you were able to get your significant other to run the 5k as well!!!
    Even though it was a long course, you know you had a great 5k time! You have trained hard and I’m sure your race times will reflect that as your race season goes by. Good luck this upcoming race, I’ll be cheering you on the virtual sidelines!!

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