What’s New with Heather?

I’m linking up with Gretchen and Kristen today to share a few new things in my life.

New bed, but not really

On Saturday Pottery Barn so helpfully delivered my new queen sized headboard/bed frame, a queen sized foundation, and a full sized mattress. Hint: one of these items was definitely not what I ordered.

The delivery men took the too small mattress with them, leaving me with a pretty new bed, new linens, and no where to sleep in my own bedroom! My first two phone calls to Pottery Barn were less than helpful. Also after both calls the customer service rep was supposed to call me back with more information from the warehouse and they never called back. So frustrating! Finally yesterday they were able to confirm that they had my mattress but they wouldn’t be able to deliver it for another week. Are you kidding me? You have my mattress but it has to sit in a warehouse for over a week because “no trucks are going out to my delivery area.”


Next Thursday I am picking my sister and my niece up from the airport for a family vacation/staycation! I have so many fun things planned for us, including: eating and drinking our way around Ann Arbor, a 10k race (my first ever!), eating and drinking our way around Grand Rapids, a fairy door tour (I think my niece will love this!), more eating and drinking in Ann Arbor, and a visit to every single park we can find.

fairy door
This is a fairy door. A tiny replica of the human sized door built by fairies. So adorable!

Please cross your fingers that my new mattress be delivered on time on Thursday so I don’t leave my sister and niece stranded at the airport.


When I finished my first marathon last year, I said “never again.” Deep down I knew that wasn’t quite true, but I knew that I needed a good long break before I registered for another one. At the beginning of April I was just starting to lose interest in 5ks. My first race was still weeks away and all of my blogging friends were hitting the peak weeks of marathon training. I missed the sense of accomplishment that comes from crushing those high mileage weeks. I wasn’t ready to start thinking 26.2, but I was really excited to start training for a half this fall.

A few weeks later the Boston race reports started pouring in. I want to be a part of that excitement someday. And suddenly I felt myself wishing it would be someday soon. Finally, this week I’ve been blown away by Hanna’s hard earned PR on a challenging course and Allison’s win in Kentucky.

It took me 6 months, but I really want to run another marathon. I’m forcing myself to hold back though. I’m starting graduate school this fall. I will continue running throughout the year, but I don’t want to try to balance work and classes and marathon training the first year. Which means the earliest I can consider is a Fall 2017 race. I’m passing on that idea and sticking with my original plan: my next marathon will be the Disney World Marathon in 2018. It’s a birthday marathon, y’all!!! Woo!

Thanks for hosting Kristen and Gretchen!

24 thoughts on “What’s New with Heather?

  1. um, i would like to see some fairy doors please. that looks amazing! i will have to check out that KY race recap you linked to, as I ran the same race (but, only half of it lol). i have 3 more coming up in the fall/autumn, but i don’t know if i will ever do a marathon. i’m the kind of person who likes to be super successful at one thing before moving on to the next, and i still haven’t hit my goal for half marathon time, so i’m not ready to think about moving on, if i ever will. a disney (birthday!) marathon would be fun. i’ve only done one disney race (10 miler) and it was good, but i don’t know if i’d do another (my husband doesn’t run, and it’s a lot of time on my own if i do it on my own, if that makes sense). anyway! good luck and thanks for linking up with gretch and i!

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    1. I will share pictures of all of the fairy doors that we find. I’ve lived here for 10 years and have never taken the time to seek them out (except the one in the post, which I just saw last year).

      I’m kind of the same way-very success driven. It’s another reason I’ve been putting off running another marathon. I still have so many short distance goals that I want to achieve!

      Good luck in your halves this fall!


  2. Darn it I missed Gretchens link up again!!

    Sorry about your mattress, ugh that’s frustrating :-/ Fingers crossed it gets here before your stay cation which sounds soooooo fun! And yes that fairy door is amazing!!

    Thanks for the shoutout 🙂 I understand how easy it is to catch “marathon fever” when everyone is in the thick of it. Heck, when I was in the thick of it I envied my friends who were NOT in marathon training. The grass always seems greener on the other side. Watching others bask in marathon glory is inspiring but it’s such a long hard journey and I don’t know about others but it takes me a long time to get mentally prepared for that. I applaud you for having the discipline to wait it out. Partly for selfish reasons – we could BQ in the same season and run Boston 2019 together 🙂

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    1. I’m sure that I am repressing some of the less inspiring, glory-free moments of marathon training. I think you’ve nailed it with the grass is always greener thing 🙂

      Boston 2019. Running it with you would be the icing on the cake. See you there!


  3. I was originally looking for a Fall marathon and hoping to find one on my b-day since it’s a Saturday this year but no luck. So, winter marathon it is. It took me 3 years so if you think 6 months is a long time to come back to the marathon… haha. I agree with Allison’s post being super inspiring as well as some others I’ve read that make me feel like I can do it.

    That stinks about the mattress… I hope you can get it before the staycation so you don’t have to spend part of your time off setting up a bed, ugh. Your staycation sounds awesome, though!

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    1. Bummer that you couldn’t find a birthday marathon. My only chance at finding one is if I travel to a warmer state, because Michigan is not hosting many marathons in the middle of winter. Brrrrr!

      I keeping my fingers crossed on the mattress issue. Pottery Barn has not given me much hope that they know what they are doing.


  4. Thank you so much for the shout out!!! ❤ ❤ UMMMM YES I VOTE YOU RUN A MARATHON. Just sayin'. I also vote that you run Charlevoix…although that might be a little soon. 🙂 🙂

    WTF Pottery Barn. I totally get your frustration though. It's like you are at the mercy of everyone else. We recently ordered a bunch of stuff for our kitchen. For example, appliances. A month later and we are getting them today – but some of the stuff isn't coming. My husband says they wait until they have enough items to ship things out so they can load up their trucks to save money, which I sort of get. I suspect that they DO have a truck available for your mattress, but they want to wait to deliver it until they have other items to bring out your way.

    I got really angry for you when I read that because I get it – you don't have a mattress to sleep on!! That is terrible! Shame on them. Usually, when you talk to someone from Pottery Barn on the phone, they send you a survey via email. Fill it out and give them negative reviews and they will call you and try to rectify the situation. It happened to me once. I ordered something and it was totally my fault that I underestimated the size but I wanted them to pay for me to ship it back and they refused. I wrote on the survey that I was a little disappointed (totally was not even bashing them a little) since I was a loyal customer that ordered often, and they called me and refunded my shipping immediately. Maybe they will give you a good coupon or some store credit!

    Have fun with your staycation! Sounds awesome!


    1. I have not gotten a survey after any of my calls with them. They told me that once the bed is fully delivered that I can call to talk about compensation for the inconvenience. Which I definitely will be doing. This was my first Pottery Barn order and it has been such a disappointing experience. I love Williams-Sonoma though and they are owned by the same company, so I’m not quite ready to completely write them off. Hopefully they can still turn this around.

      I am running Charlevoix this year! Except I’m running the 5k not the marathon, haha!

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      1. Downtown in the summer is my favorite, especially since all of the students are gone.

        My husband is from the Lansing area and it has taken some convincing that Ann Arbor is the place to be. Whenever I am with his family I’m the lone Wolverine in a house full of Spartan fans (fortunately I’m more of a book nerd than a sports fan).


  5. a fairy door tour sounds so cool, yall are going to have a great time on your staycation! boo hiss on terrible customer service, what are you sleeping on right now if you dont have a mattress??? good thinking on waiting to do a marathon with all the things in your life right now, better to not be stressed out!


  6. WOW! What a frustrating situation with Pottery Barn. I can’t believe they are making you wait a week when the delivery mistake was their own. That is such bad customer service! I hope they are giving you a big gift card as compensation!

    The staycation with your sister and niece is going to be so much fun. On the flight home from Italy yesterday Adam and I were talking about turning my birthday trip in August into a staycation instead. I don’t want to see the inside of a plane again for a little while! haha

    Doing the Disney marathon will be so fun! Maybe I will come do the half marathon and we can hang out and celebrate! I’m too scared to do a full marathon in Florida. At my pace, the risk of running into the heat of the late morning is just too daunting to even consider!

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    1. I can definitely see how the return flight from Italy would make a staycation sound appealing. That is a long time to be trapped on a plane.

      When it gets closer I will remind you to think about signing up for the Disney half. I would love celebrating a birthday/racing with you!! We could also nerd out at Harry Potter land together 🙂


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