Cutting back

Last week I made it through only a handful of runs (one speed session, 3 short, easy runs). Between having just accomplished a huge running goal and having family staying with me for 4 nights, it made sense to cut back a little bit and enjoy some off time.

Polka dot shoes twins!

Monday afternoon I took my sister and niece to the airport. Instead of heading out for a run that night, I went out for dinner and a drink with my husband instead. I LOVED having my family here, but it was exhausting. I was far too tired to even think about running.

Tuesday I left myself with no choice but to squeeze in a 4 mile run. I had to have an old cavity replaced and I get terrible anxiety at the dentist. The best plan seemed to be that I would take my anti-anxiety medicine, run to the dentist, and have Kendall pick me up after (I’m not supposed to drive when taking the medicine). I still felt zero desire to run, but I got it done.

Wednesday came and went without a run. The best part is that I don’t feel the least bit guilty for missing workouts. Right now is the perfect time to cut back a little. My next two races are 5ks (just over 2 and 5 weeks away). I doubt that I can PR on either of the courses. If taking a few days off this week means I only run a 20:45 instead of a 20:35, that is a consequence I can live with.

When I finish my last 5k of the season on June 25, I only have a one week break before starting half training. I want to start that training feeling fresh, not burned out. Taking a small break now, while it won’t affect any goal races, just makes sense. So that’s what I’m doing. I have a few errands to run this afternoon and will be too busy to run on Friday, so my tentative plan is to make my next run Saturday.


4 thoughts on “Cutting back

  1. Oh, how things change. For you, cutting back is only running 4 times in one week; this week, I am *building up* to running 4 times after not having done so in 4 weeks. Provided I stick to my schedule, today and tomorrow will be the first time I run back to back days in just as long.

    I think the fact that you felt so relaxed and guilt-free on your unplanned rest days is a sign that you probably needed a breather, not just from the running but from the pressure of training schedules. How I feel on rest days always tells me a lot.

    What half are you doing? The one you PR’d at in September?


    1. Well I might have run 4 times last week, but this week I’m on track for 2 maybe 3 runs. The mental break from training pressure has been unexpectedly nice. I knew that I was feeling physically exhausted (4 year olds have too much energy!), but realizing I didn’t feel bad for skipping workouts has been awesome.

      I’m running a half in New York this fall ( I’m kind of sad not to be running my usual fall half because I know the course so well (and new things scare me!), but this course looks like it should be fun and we have family that live in NY.


  2. I’m glad you didn’t feel guilty about cutting back! I only ever feel guilty about cutting back when the sole reason is that I’m being lazy!

    One day last week I thought I was just being lazy so I went for a run and 1 mile in I realized I was practically falling off the treadmill every other step because I was just so tired and kind of woozy. When I left after a single mile I didn’t feel guilty at all!

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